2014 Annual Meeting

July 19, 2014

            The Annual meeting of the members of the Blackwater Lake Association, hereinafter referred to as “BLA”, was held on the above date at10:00 A.M. at the Woodrow Town Hall.  69 members were present, including directors Barbie Laughlin, Linda Burns, Lloyd Thielmann, Becky Seemann, Richard “Fitz” Pfutzenreuter, Craig Laughlin, Claus Peukert and Dick Clough.  Val Hyde was absent, and a quorum was present at the meeting.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Board Chair, Lloyd Thielmann.

Approval of Agenda

The members reviewed the agenda for the meeting which, upon motion duly made and seconded, was unanimously approved.

Approval of Prior Minutes

The minutes of the 2013 annual meeting were posted on line and at the meeting by Secretary, Craig Laughlin.

Tom Dockmann mentioned that we had discussed publishing a preliminary agenda prior to the meeting.  Upon motion duly made and seconded a motion to publish a preliminary agenda prior the Annual Meeting was approved.

There being no further discussion; upon motion duly made and seconded the minutes were approved.

Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates Presentation

Lloyd introduced MLRA Executive Director, Jeff Forester.  Mr. Forester gave a short presentation and conducted a question and answer session with the members.  Among other information, he informed us of the following:

  • MLR’s Mission is to protect lake and river heritage for current and future generations by building powerful links between lakes, lake advocates and policy makers.
  • MLRA works to build a broad grass roots base of cabin owners in ALL legislative districts in the state who help their legislators understand the importance of lake issues to their constituents even in districts with few lakes.
  • Zebra Mussels affect non-lakeshore owners by adversely impacting our fisheries.

Member Input

Betty Loucks asked that we all watch out for the “idiots” who are ruining our reed beds and turn them into the Sheriff.

Auditor’s Report

Pat Schwerin reported that she had reviewed the books and found them to be in order.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer, Linda Burns presented the attached treasurer’s report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013, highlights are as follows:

Opening Balance         $4,865.13

Credits                                    $5,826.79

Expenses                     $5,587.91

Balance on Hand        $5,104.01

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Treasurers Report was unanimously approved.

Chairman’s Comments

Lloyd praised the officers and directors of the BLA and thanked all of the volunteers who contribute their time to the association.  Lloyd mentioned that the Board has made a concerted effort to focus on AIS issues.  He then mentioned that the bass regulations will be readdressed in 2015 for possible changes in 2016, and that the DNR is seeking volunteers to help with various lake related activities.


Lloyd mentioned that Darlene Carlson and Omar Oestreich had passed away in the past year and a moment of silence was observed for them.

Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation Presentation

Lloyd introduced LLAWF Executive Director, Lindsay Ketchel.  Ms. Ketchel gave a short presentation and conducted a question and answer session with the members.

Committee Reports

  1. Seedling Give Away: Court reported that 17 members participated this year.  Approximately 325 seedlings were given away at a cost to the BLA of $325.
  2. Septic Report: Court reported that one inspection has been done so far this year.
  3. Water Level: Court explained the process of taking lake elevations at his home.  Lake level and other information on Minnesota lakes is available at:


  1. Beaver Control: Lloyd reported that Jack Arnold, our beaver control contractor, has been incapacitated due to a health issue.  Lloyd thanked the several volunteers who have been helping to unclog the culvert during this time.
  2. Membership Report: Becky Seemann reported that BLA property owners are from all over the U.S.  Of the 180 lake property owners on Blackwater Lake, 119 (62%) are members of the BLA.  She mentioned that Woman Lake has more than 800 homeowners with 67% membership participation.  She asked that we all spread the word to other owners to join BLA so that we can beat Woman Lake.
  3. Water Quality Report: Jim Eller gave a demonstration to show how the water quality samples are taken and showed the secchi disk that he uses to test clarity.  He reported that water clarity has decreased by 1.5 feet over the past 8 years, and that phosphorus levels are up.  Historical secchi disc readings for the lake are available at rmbel.info.
  4. AIS Update: Becky reported that there are 17 lakes in our area that have signed up to have inspectors at their public landings.  She asked that anyone who is interested in volunteering talk to her after the meeting.
  5. Web Site Update: Lloyd mentioned that our website is temporarily down while our internet host has changed.
  6. 4th of July Parade: Lloyd reported that reported that 25 watercraft participated in this year’s boat parade.

Special Thank You

Becky presented a bouquet of flowers and a gift to Sherma Seitzinger for her hard work on the directory.

Election Board Members

Lloyd announced that he, Barbie Laughlin, Becky Seemann, Claus Peukert, Dick Clough, and Linda Burns had all agreed to run for reelection to their current positions and had been nominated by the Board of Directors.   Lloyd then opened the floor to nominations.  There were none, so pursuant to motion duly made and seconded, the nominations were closed and the slate of directors nominated by the Board of Directors was unanimously elected.

New Business

 Open Floor Discussion: 

  1. Lloyd read a letter from Rick Zibkowski suggesting that the board consider spraying for army worms. A discussion ensued and no action was taken.
  2. Carol Langston asked if anyone else is having a problem with green slime in front of their properties. No one else claimed to be having the same problem.

Door Prizes

Next, a drawing was held for several door prizes.  A list of winners will be publishes in the next Blackwater Blurb.


There being no further business to come before the meeting, upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned by unanimous approval at 12:09 p.m.

Dated as of the date first written above.


 Craig Laughlin, Secretary

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