Welcome to Center Lakes Association

Center Lakes Association, working to improve water quality and recreation on North and South Center Lakes Located in Chisago County Minnesota. Center Lake Association is a group of private lake shore owners and visitors to the Chisago Area that are interested in improving water quality,  management of invasive species, and improving recreation on North and South Center Lakes.  Membership is open to anyone interested in helping to achieve these goals.

Area Lake Cleanup for March 11th Canceled

The Lake Cleanup scheduled for Saturday March 11th is canceled due to ice conditions. With the warmer temperatures over the past few weeks and predictions well above normal for the next week, Ice conditions will degrade quickly. While keeping our lake clean is important peoples safety is more important.

Center Lakes Officers and Board members Meet January 24th

Well the New Year is here which means the CLA Officers and board Members are back to work. CLA Officers and Board Members meet on Tuesday January 24th to discuss plans for 2017. A date for the Spring Meeting was decided Saturday June 10th and choice for location are being looked into. The Chisago Library If available is the  first choice. The Library has a nice meeting room along with ample parking.  Alternative venues are also being pursued if the Library is unavailable.

The first event for 2017 will be the Chisago Lakes Home and Garden Show to be held Saturday and Sunday March 4th and 5th. Center Lakes Association volunteers will team up with the Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District (LID) along with Chisago Lindstrom and Green Lake associations at the LID Booth. The second event the following Saturday March 11th will be the annual Lake cleanup. This is a coordinated event in the area to remove debris after ice shelters are removed for the season. The board has also decided to participate with the LID at Karl Oscar Day’s and Ki-Chi-Saga Days booth. The Mini Water Fest at Music in the Park. All of which provide community out reach opportunities to educate and attract new members to area Lake Associations.

The Boat parade will also be on the agenda for 2017. This will be part of Center City Days. Last years parade drew around eleven boats with some enthusiastic members decorating there boats. Ideas and volunteers welcome to help make this event Bigger and Better than 2016 was.

Area Lake Level Readings Available on Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District Website

The Chisago Lakes Lake improvement District publishes the current Lake level during the summer months May – September (pending Minnesota DNR calibration of equipment). Lake levels information including archives can be found at  http://www.co.chisago.mn.us/347/Lake-Levels  . Lake Level reading are also published in the Chisago Press weekly. Last reading for 2016 was completed November on November 17th.

Have You Changed Your Email Address Lately?

If your are not receiving Email from the Center Lakes Association we may not have your correct Email address. If you changed your Email since you became a member or renewed your membership we most likely do not have your correct Email address. If you want to receive Email notifications of events and volunteer opportunities please send an Email to Centerlakes@frontier.com stating you want to receive emails notifications. We will update your information.