Center Lakes New Letters

Beginning in Spring of 2014 the Center Lakes News Letter are Emailed to members Via Mail Chimp. Members that do not have an Email address will be sent the news Letter via US Mail. The reason for this change was two fold. It takes a great deal of time by the Board and committee members to address and sort for bulk mailing. Also many of our members prefer communication via electronic means. In Addition the cost to print and mail the newsletter as increased over the years.

Non members will no longer receive a copy of The Scuttlebut.  Non members are sent an information brochure that includes a membership form.

Spring 2017 News Letter CLA 2017 Spring Scuttlebutt

Spring 2016 News Letter “The Scuttlebut” spring 2016″

Fall 2015 News Letter “The Scuttlebutt 2015” PDF Format

Spring 2015 New Letter The Scuttlebut (PDF Format)

Fall 2014 News Letter in CLA Fall2014Scuttlebut PDF Format

Spring 2014 spring 2014 in PDF format

Fall 2013 2013 Fall Scuttlebut in PDF format