CLA News

Purple Loosestrife Confirmed on North Center.

9/2/2014 – Purple Loosestrife was discoverd on Chisago Lake and in the channel between South Linsdstrom and Chisago this past August. It was confirmed August 30th an infestation on North Center along the shoreline in the bay just north of the public landing on North Center.  For more information on how to identify purple loosestrife see the DNR  website on Purple Loosestrife. Please check your shoreline for any signs of an infestation. If you need assistance identifying the plant please send an Email to with your contact information.  Small infestations can be handled by machanical means while larger infestations may require chemical treatment. It is important to control this invasive. Purple Loosestrife will out compete native plants and destroying habitat for water foul and shoreland species.


Spring Meeting Speaker Very Informative.

Timing could not have been better for scheduling Mr. Roger Hugill from the Minnesota DNR Fisheries as the speaker the Spring meeting. Mr. Hugill had committed to the spring meeting long before the Fish kill on North Center Lake was known. There must may have been something in the stars for our education committee to have the right speaker for what our members wanted to learn about.

Members were interested in what the DNR had done and what steps were being taken to restore fish numbers in the future. Roger stated that the DNR did do a quick fish survey of the lake after ice off.  This was what many member had heard would happen but nice to hear from the source that it was actually completed.  From the survey the Minnesota DNR did stock the lake with pre-spawn Northern Pike – Bass and Blue gills. The DNR also notice movement of fish from south Center Lake through the Channel.

In addition Roger discussed Lake shore management and the need for a natural shoreline.  Because of the way some species with in the food chain spawn there is a need for the Cattails and Bulrush on the shorelines. The need is for the fertilized eggs to catch on the immersed tall grasses to allow them to mature. As well as providing filtration for improved water quality. If you have a goose problem the tall grasses on shore will keep them away. Geese cant see predators in the tall grasses so they stay away.

Officers Elected at spring Meeting

Officer positions for the coming year were voted on at the spring meeting the positions are two year positions to allow  for staggered officer changes.  The positions open for Election were the President, Secretary. A New Treasurer was also elected due to a resignation.  Committees also gained some new members. Details can be found on the Meeting Notes page on this web site.

Fund Raising Effort at Carp Festival

Members of the association worked Friday Evening and Saturday morning to provide beverages and snacks at the annual Carp Festival held at Frankie’s in Chisago city. CLA Volunteers sold Soda, Water and Snacks to Carp Festival participants and spectators on Friday and returned Saturday AM to provide Coffee and Rolls for the Carp teams that were out most of the night. Coffee was the big seller on Saturday helping to keep participants awake till weigh in.  Members plan to be at the Car Show for Center City Days August 3rd from 11:00 AM -2:00PM to sell soda and water.