Lake Cleanup Photo Gallary

Photos from  Center Lake Cleanup

March 2015


NC-cleanup team

Volunteers from North Center


4×4 load of Trash

North Center

Thanks to our few volunteers. South only had three people join the fight. Volunteers spent about two hours in on the lake





This loads is mostly branches and lumber. We suspect it was to cover a spearing hole. It will make great firewood.


Inside the tan rectangle is a cooler for an RV or Camper about 18 inches Square




South Dumpster

South Dumpster







March 3rd. 2013

Line and LuresPallet left Partly  Frozen

Another Pallet

Cans Shuved and Frozen in Fishing ole

Beverage Cans shoved down an Ice hole and left to freeze over Volunteers were unable to remove these from the ice. If they don’t sink you may find them on your shoreline after ice out.

Wood pieces left

Some smaller pieces of wood left  after an Ice house was removed. If you look close you can see some 2×4’s deeper in the ice.

Several Fence post scattered

Right – Several fence posts and 4×4’s left scattered on the ice. No signs that an Ice house in this area.

Almost a Truck Load

Left – Almost a truck load of trash and wood. More was collected after this picture was taken.

Smooth Riding

Four wheels made the job of getting to the different areas that needed cleaning a breeze. pictured are  Nancy Moe-Mergens former Center Lakes Officer and Brad President of the Wild River Snowmobile Club.