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Gage height, feet, Snake River near Pine City, MN, from USGS


 Voyager statue in Pine City park

 “Voyageur” stands watch over the Snake River and Cross Lake.

 Pine City’s 35 foot redwood voyageur statue, by renowned chainsaw sculptor Dennis Roghair, welcomes visitors to Riverside Park. Voyageur is dedicated to the history of the early settlers of the Pine County area.


The Cross Lake/Snake River Association of Pine County is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the understanding and comprehensive mangement of Cross Lake and its watershed.

The Cross Lake Association serves Cross Lake and the Snake River from the St. Croix River to the Kanabec County line.

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 Whether you’re feeling sick, have a fever, you’ve been walking or running and you are overheating, you can put these things around your wrist and cool down instantly.  This can actually be a lifesaver in certain situations where people are in danger of severely overheating.  Definitely a cool and important tip to have.



The Cross Lake Association is again offering Weed Rakes for sale. 

Arrangements have been made directly with the manufacturer of this tool to help you reduce Springtime Curleyleaf Pondweed along your shoreline. 


 Cost is $90.00 .  Available via Email request at


Jerry Trent, Water Quality Committee

Guidelines for those who are using a weed rake to control Curleyleaf pond weed:

The manufacturer of the Aquatic Weedcutter suggests moving the cutter towards deeper water, letting the cutter bar fall to the bottom of the lake, and then pulling the cutter towards you in a series of strokes (kind of like raking). This should cut the Cutleyleaf Pondweed, which will float to the surface. Pick a calm day since you will need to stop from time to time to use a leaf rake, pitchfork or landing net to skim the weeds off the surface and throw them up on shore to dry and dispose of later.

We need to strongly emphasize the need for you to remove the cut weeds from the lake/river. This is a DNR regulation which the Cross Lake Association fully supports.
We do not want your “mess” to float to someone else’s waterfront. Curleyleaf Pondweed has a lot of nutrients in it, and if it decays in the water during the summer, it will release those nutrients and encourage algae to grow. Curleyleaf Pondweed should be cut from mid-May to about the end of June.

 In general we don’t encourage cutting after spring time because you will be cutting good native aquatic plants which are needed for fish habitat and oxygenation of the lake/river.

 During the summer it is common for aquatic plants to break free due to normal dieback or due to boat activity, and wave action. We encourage you to remove this vegetation from the lake/river also. Thanks for helping to make a difference in Lake quality.



The hot, steamy weather  greatly increases our desire to get out and enjoy the many lakes and rivers around us. This desire can be hindered when we get to the lake and see green to brown mats of algae or areas that look like there is green paint in the water. You should stay away from these areas. They are Blue-Green Algae.

Swimming in areas with high blue-green algae content can cause skin irritations. Have no body contact with the algae. Breathing in the air nearby can cause respiratory complications. Pets and livestock should not be allowed to drink the water. It may result in death. Consuming the high algae-content water has caused the death of a dog in the past.

 Have fun this summer, but stay cautionus! The only solution to the problem is rain, and a lot of it!

 by Sam Martin, Water Management Specialist, Pine Soil & Water Conservation District.


Minnesota’s national ranking for sales of fishing licenses per capita: 1
Fish species in Minnesota: 158
Fishable streams in Minnesota: 15,000 miles
Fishable trout streams: 1,900 miles
Minnesota’s most-caught fish: panfish
Pounds of panfish caught: 64 million

 Source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.