Membership Meeting

MINUTES OF THE CLA ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING May 21, 2016 – 9:00 am American Legion Pine City

The Semi-Annual Membership Meeting of the Cross Lake Association was called to order by President Judy Yorston at 9:08 am on May 21, 2016 at the American Legion in Pine City.  Present were:  President Judy Yorston, Directors Dean Yorston, Dave Videen, Ron Levin, Pat Brautigan, Frank Ramisch, Barb Videen, Buck Kucera, Jim Bartol, Bill Casby, Treasurer Pat Anderson and Secretary Mary Ann Houston.  Absent were:  Vice President Scott Jones and Director Diane Wilbert.

President Judy Yorston welcomed everyone.

President’s Report:

CLA has the permits to do the Up North Project which will address the water quality there but it will not start until the spring of 2017.  Government agencies will fund 75% of the project with the remaining 25% covered by various local groups and organizations, including CLA.  We are using money from the general fund for the Association’s part of the project.  We have set aside $5,000 for up north project, $5,000 for maintenance on the project and the other $2,000 for other water quality issues.

Dive Guys offer aquatic weed removal for your shoreline.  Please call 651-528-6600 for more information.

The Association is going to rent a storage unit to keep our equipment and supplies that we use for our special events.  We are purchasing a big event grill, some tables and chairs along with some other needed items.

We are almost out of CLA hats which are ordered from Lee’s Pro Shop.  Pat Brautigan volunteered to order us some more.

What we earn at Freedom Fest goes towards our scholarship fund, so please support our food booth.

We have been contacted by a teacher at the Pine City ALC regarding a project he is working on with his students to build six wooden benches which will be placed on Cross Lake.  The Board will have to decide if we will help fund this project and find out more information on where they will be placed.

The Crossing goes to our members around the lake but you do not need be a member to receive one.  Please let others know this if they are interested in receiving one.

Treasurer Report:

The treasurer reported on all the monies we have in all accounts.  Current balance of funds is $29,823.58.  Our current assets total $6,580.00.

The 2016 Proposed Activities Expenditures and Estimated Income for 2016 handouts were available and discussed.  We try hard through membership dues, fund raising, advertising in the Crossing and grants to offset our expenses.

Scholarship Report:

Barb Videen and the committee has read through the applications and made their choice.  The winner will be announced next week.  That winner will received $1,000 the first year and $1,000 the second year.

Membership Report:

Judy Yorston reported that as of April 15, 2016 we have 160 households for a total of $6,325.00.

Water Quality Report:

Jerry Trent talked about the water quality and testing in Cross Lake.  The bottom of the lake is our biggest issue and causes major pollution problems.  When the water is warm it dissolves the sediment on the bottom of the lake. If it rains a lot and the water is cooler we have less pollution.  The Snake River contributes to our problems also.  Please be careful around the sunken island as we are spreading weeds from that area around the entire lake. There are approximately 13 different locations that are tested for water quality and he goes out once a month.  He is looking for a driver with a pontoon and other volunteers to go along and help learn this important process.  Frank Ramisch volunteered to help with this, but we are looking for more volunteers.

Water Safety Report:

Bill Casby reminded us all to be careful in the no wake zones as we can erode the shorelines.  We hope to have the Sheriff’s presence on the lake this summer but not for enforcement just for talking with boaters.  We have ten inspectors to work on our lake at the landing in town.  They are hired by the County and we are one of three locations.  They have a pressure washer to clean boats with.  If there are any legal problems the Sheriff would have to be called in as they can’t enforce rules or regulations.

Fund Raising Report:

Barb Videen reported the date for Freedom Fest is June 25th and she will be calling for volunteers for the two shifts of 10-12 and 12-3.  We will be cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for this fund raiser so please consider volunteering.

Fisheries Report:

Dave Videen reported there will be no stocking of the lake this year.

External Affairs Report:

Dean Yorston reported on the Snake River Watershed Board and their part in the North End Project.

Newsletter and Advertising Report:

Dean Yorston has already received $1,500 for advertising contracts for our Crossing.  He will send out invoices to the remainder.  

Social and Recreational Report:

Senior Outing – June 12.  Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Choir will sing.  Will serve cookies and root beer floats. Freedom Fest Food Booth – June 25.  Fund Raiser please consider volunteering July 4th Boat Parade – July 3rd – rain date would be July 4th.  Meet at north end of lake by Norway Point at noon.  Theme is “North versus South”.  Have to start and finish to win one of the prizes.  We will try to get the Sheriff to judge the contest.  Four prizes will be awarded. Pine County Fair Booth –  August 3-7.   Fund raiser, please support our booth. Pine County Fair Parade – August 6.  Dave Videen will find the boat for the parade and our scholarship winner will ride in the parade. Golf Tournament – August 13.  Trying to get Pokegama Lake Association to help us with this event since it’s a joint event for the two lakes. Wishing Lanterns – September 3.  If it rains it will be on Sunday, September 4th.  You can contact Mary Kay Brautigan if you wish to order lanterns. Dinner Dance – September 24.   Theme is “Last Chance Prom”.  Dinner/Dance/Silent Auction.  $15 per person.

Reminder of Annual Meeting and Election of Officers on September 17, 2016.  Please attend as we need a quorum.

The prize drawing was held and refreshments available.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:02 am.

Mary Ann Houston Secretary