Executive Committee Meeting

October 14, 2016

The final meeting of the 2016 Executive Committee of the Cross Lake Association was called to order by President Judy Yorston at 3:58 pm on October 14, 2016 at the Yorston residence.  Present were:  President Judy Yorston, Directors Dean Yorston, Jim Bartol, Frank Ramisch, Buck Kucera, Pat Brautigan, Dave Videen, Barb Videen, Diane Wilbert, Treasurer Pat Anderson and Secretary Mary Ann Houston.  Absent:  Vice President Scott Jones, Directors Bill Casby and Ron Levin.

President Judy Yorston went through the materials, records, equipment and information that will transfer to the New 2017 CLA Board Members.  Some of the most pertinent folders are the Membership Lists, Bylaws, Information on all past Activities, Tax Exempt and Grant Materials.

At this time Bill Casby has agreed to be the main contact person for the Association and his contact information will be listed in the November Crossings along with the names of the New 2017 CLA Board Members.

Dave Videen agreed to be listed as the contact person in the Crossings for the weed rakes and will also be the person that will order them as needed.

Frank Ramisch will look over the Bylaws of the Cross Lake Association and report back at the next meeting his findings.

We have two keys to the CLA mailbox and Treasurer Pat Anderson and Secretary Bill Casby will keep those keys.

Dave Videen will deliver all of the current CLA records, along with the membership DVD and mailbox key to Bill Casby.  Pat Brautigan, at this time, has all of the other older records that will need to either be place in the CLA storage unit or gone through to see if still needed.

Judy stated that the two important things coming up for the Board will be to file the CLA 990N Tax Form and to get the 2017 Membership letters out the middle of January.  It was decided that the 2017 Board should meet before the end of the year to talk about duties, etc.


Monday, November 14, 2016   —  1:00 pm
Frank Ramisch’s Residence   —   22896 Pehler Drive

Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.