FILIA – Mission Statement


The mission of the Farm Island Lake Association (FILIA) is to:
1) Promote the safety and common good of its members and the surrounding Farm Island (FI) Lake community.

2) Improve and preserve the quality of the land and water in the Farm Island Lake area for its members, the community and future generations.

Some examples of how we strive to meet our mission are:

  • Work with DNR, ACLARA and Aitkin Soil and Water Department on Invasive Species Prevention, includes efforts to monitor public accesses
  • Provide opportunities (FI Boat Parade, annual meetings, AIS updates, etc.) for members to get to know each other. This will foster a safer community setting.
  • Provide an opportunity for members to provide feedback to the DNR on issues such as walleye slot limits, invasive species and boat access
  • Provide members feedback on safety issues from the Aitkin Sheriff Department
  • Loon nesting program
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Lake weed control
  • Improve walleye spawning area