Aquatic Invasive Species Activities

Greg Anderson report on AIS activities in Aitkin County and Farm Island lake:

AIS June 13, 2015

AIS December 31, 2015

Aitkin County report on AIS Risk Management and Prevention

This report was received from Aitkin County and reports on AIS Risk Management and Prevention. The PDF contains over (90) ninety pages, due to having a one-page assessment report for (60) sixty Aitkin County lakes.

Pages 1-16 contain great information in regards to this AIS assessment. Page 31 has Farm Island Lake’s report, with pages 77 to-the-end having more overall information.

Note that the Lake Risk Assessment Summary on page 31 puts Farm Island Lake at a HIGH RISK.


Dock and lift, etc., installation and removal

Laws passed by the Minnesota legislature in 2011 require lake service provider businesses to complete training and obtain a permit.  A list of providers may be found at the following link:

DNR 2009 Farm Island Lake Aquatic Vegetation Survey

Report of survey conducted to assess curly leaf pondweed abundance and distribution: