Curly Leaf Pondweed control.

See AIS activities page for info on companies which may be hired to control this invasive species.

Aitkin DNR Fisheries Newsletter

Rick Bruesewitz, Aitkin Area DNR Fisheries Supervisor has released the first issue of the Aitkin Area DNR Fisheries newsletter.

Click Aitkin DNR Fisheries Newsletter issue 1 Spring 2016 to view.

Dock and Lift Installation and Removal

Lake Service Providers who install and remove docks and lifts for hire are required to be trained and have a permit.  Use the link below and select Aitkin or other county for a list:

2013 DNR Curly Leaf Pondweed survey

The DNR conducted a survey of the lake for curly leaf pondweed in June of 2013.  View their report at: Farm Island clp survey 6-13-13