Shore Captains

Shore Captains are Farm Island Lake residents who have volunteered to help provide other lake users and residents with lake related information by:

  • Welcoming new residents and making them aware of lake issues(e.g. Invasive Species controls) and opportunities.
  • Helping disseminate late breaking news(e.g. no-wake order in 2012 due to high water).
  • Providing input to the FILIA board on issues and opportunities based on feedback from their area.


John Dahle Northwest Shore
Randy Feltmann West Shore
Lowell Larson Dummer Bay
Karilyn &Paul Lew Martinsen South Shore
Sharon Mattison West Shore
John Pierson Johnson Point
Dick Rees  Island
Cindy & Tom Scott West Shore
Lew Ann Sotnak Northwest Shore
Karen Ulstad West Shore
Gordon Vetsch Dahle Bay