The Lake


Lake Shamineau

  • Lake ID:49-0127-00
  • Total surface area: 1,626 acres
  • Maximum depth:  52 feet
  • Average depth: 17 feet
  • Lake length: 3.13 miles
  • Latitude/Longitude: 46.25 / -94.61
  • Approximately 746 (acres 46%) is in the littoral zone
  • Shoreline circumference: 11.31 miles

Lake Management Plan

The Lake Shamineau Management Plan was revised and adopted spring 2011. It contains reports, data and maps as well as lake management goals and strategies. Click 2011 Lake Shamineau Management Plan to see and print a copy of the plan.

Lake Monitoring

Citizen volunteers on Lake Shamineau have participated in the Minnesota Pollution Control Association Citizen Lake Monitoring Program (CLMP) since 1973.  John F. McGuire was the volunteer prior to 1991 and Al Doree has done it since 1991. Bob Koll began assiting Al in 2007. They have have routinely measured water clarity with a secchi transparency disc through the CLMP. The Lake Association contracted with Aqua Tech from 2002-2004 for water quality data and has contracted with RMB Lab beginning 2004. Samples are taken by volunteers Al Doree and Bob Koll and submitted for analysis for Trophic State Index results. The Lake Association purchased equipment to collect data on thermocline and dissolved oxygen and has been doing so since 2008. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) rates data quality for Lake Shamineau as excellent thanks to our Citizen Lake Monitoring Program volunteers.  The MPCA considers Shamineau to be a lake fully supported for recreational use (formerly referred to as “swimmable use” support). This use support classification considers not only swimming, but also wading, aesthetics, and other related uses.

Lake Shamineau Information Report. RMB Lab Reports