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Greetings From Your President

Things have been relatively quiet on the lake since last fall. The winter of 2015-16 was kind of a “dud” for many people who enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, ATVing and such – hard to do without snow. If you are into a little family boot hockey, that worked out well this winter. The ice on the west side of the lake froze pretty smooth, while the ice on the east side was more like a washboard; go figure. Our snowmobiles were gassed up and ready to go last December, but they never moved all winter. WHAAAAT? Yup, for the second year in a row, the snow was anything but great. In fairness, I heard that some folks liked this past winter a lot because of the lack of snow. There ya go – there is something here for everyone.

So, what have we been up to since last fall? As I reported last year, we applied for and received a DNR grant to assist us in paying for the new signs on the boat launch road, some educational materials on AIS, and “Clean, Drain and Dry” signs for the private boat launches at Camp O’ My Dreams and Deer Trail Resort. We appreciate the grant of $861.95 we received for completion of this project; unfortunately, all grants for AIS educational projects were put on hold by the DNR for 2016, so we are on our own this year. In February, I attended the Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates annual meeting in Minneapolis on behalf of the Association to better understand what is being done to combat AIS issues statewide. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas with legislators, world-renowned AIS researchers, lobbyists and other lake associations, which was enlightening. The bottom line conclusions drawn from this meeting were 1) Education is the most practical method to control the spread of AIS; and 2) Once you have AIS in the lake, there is no known “cure.” Prevention is the only practical solution!

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend when the lake was buzzing with boat traffic, spurred on by a couple of spectacular days of sun and blue skies. People were tubing, water skiing and even swimming; while others were putting in docks, launching their boats and fishing. If I didn’t know better, I would say summer has arrived. The buoys are out marking your safe navigation channels for boating. Remember, “Red and Green – Stay Between.” The white buoys mark known areas where rocks are close to the water’s surface. “If you go there, carry a spare”… prop that is. Our sincere thanks to each of our property owners who help place and retrieve these buoys every year. One quick reminder – The Narrows is a “Slow No Wake” zone where many families come to play, swim and enjoy the sandy shoreline. Let’s work together to keep it safe for everyone’s use and enjoyment.

The Board held our first meeting in May where we discussed our focus for 2016, as dictated by the survey we handed out to the membership at the Annual Meeting last August. In order of priority, you asked us to: 1) Help focus property owners even more on AIS prevention and what each of us can do to help prevent it; 2) Monitor and maintain high water quality in the lake; 3) Continue to support the buoy program on the lake; 4) Work with the DNR on stocking fish in Long lake, and 5) Promote boating and water safety. We will do our best to make progress on each of these initiatives throughout 2016.

If you have specific subjects you would like the LLPOA Board to discuss at our upcoming meetings, please feel free to e-mail me at The Board is here to represent your interests; we thank you for your continued support. Have a great, and safe, summer!

Wayne Voigtschild
Summer, 2016

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2017 Board of Directors Meetings

Saturday, May 13, 10 AM
Saturday, June 10, 10 AM
Saturday, July 8, 10 AM
Saturday, August 12 (Annual Meeting), 9:30 AM
Saturday, September 9, 10 AM

All meetings are held at Salem Lutheran Church in Longville.
All property owners are always welcome to attend.

Please do not pull out / rake out lake vegetation and let it float away in the lake.

It ends up being tangled in your fellow lake neighbor’s boat lifts and docks. Remember that there are restrictions on what you can and cannot do with the lakeshore, above and below water. Remember too that the lake vegetation (do not call it weeds) is part of a heathy lake, for the water and for the wildlife.

In Most Cases, Shoreland Alteration Requires a Permit

Please go to the Cass County website to determine what you can and cannot do, and for permit information

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Please us the recycling containers conveniently located behind the library in Longville

Click at right on “Images of Long” for views of our beautiful lake area

LLPOA Mission

The purpose of this association shall be to maintain and improve lake water quality and lake bed health, maintain and continue fish propagation and protect wildlife and its habitat.

It shall also include education about many issues affecting lake property owners and users through the dissemination of information to Long Lake property owners and their families.

home-dLong Lake

is a 926 acre lake located just north of Longville in North Central Minnesota. Long Lake is a spring-fed clear lake with 12 feet of water clarity and a maximum depth of 115 feet. With its several small islands and 13.7 miles of irregular shoreline, every vantage point delivers a new inspiring view. Long Lake is of course “long”, almost eight miles in length.

long: Pronunciation: ‘lo[ng] Function: adjective
1 a : extending for a considerable distance
b : having greater length than usual
d : having a greater length than breadth

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It’s just smart to…

Not Burn Garbage. It is bad for the environment, your neighbor doesn’t like it and it is illegal!
Clean Campfire Pits. Remove ash often and keep phosphates out of the lake.
Watch Your Wake. Maintain a safe distance from shore and docks, and swimmers!
Save A Loon. Please exchange lead sinkers and lures for environmentally safe alternatives.
Improve Water Quality. Shoreline buffer zone; if you have one, keep it; if not, plant one.
Recycle! Containers are close by, right in Longville behind the library. Recycling not only reduces waste, it saves energy and natural resources.
Recycle Fish! Catch and Release for our future fish population.

no burn barrels


Halt Natural Resources Violations in Minnesota:
Turn in Poachers (TIP) – Poaching includes overfishing!
Statewide toll-free: 1-800-652-9093, 24 hours, 365 days – On many cell phones, enter: #TIP
Report non-time sensitive tips online.

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