Long Lake Crappies


Crappie Catch & Release (C&R) Update

Submitted by Roger Mitby, Fishing Committee

In July 2006 I met with the DNR Fisheries. I gave them a copy of the questionnaire and results from the survey printed in the fall 2005 Link. The results were overwhelmingly in favor (yes votes) in response to the questions.

In the fall of 2006, the DNR will develop a “plan” for crappie fishing on Long Lake. The DNR should approve this plan in the fall of 2006. With DNR approval, in 2007 the DNR must post the proposed new regulations at the public landing for 90 days — May, June and July 2007. In August 2007, the DNR will hold a public hearing on the new “laws” for crappie fishing. The hearing could be held at our annual meeting in August 2007, or at the YAH Club with date announced. With DNR approval, the new crappie regulations would be included in the MN DNR Fishing Regulations in 2008.

My recommendation is:

1) Reduce possession limit from 10 to 5 crappies

2) Catch & release all crappies nine (9) inches or less

3) Incorporate this law in the MN Fishing Regulations for 2008, 2009 and 2010

For 2007, we must all volunteer to catch and release and reduce our possession limit.

Thank you for your support on this issue.