Long Lake Ice-On Ice-Off Dates

Data submitted by property owner Kit Arnquist. Kit and family have recorded the ice out dates since 1974.

  • Of 29 years on record, the earliest ice on date is November 13th, the latest is December 18th and the average is November 29th.

Since 1974, our family has had a contest guessing when Long Lake’s ice would go out. The winner each year gets their name and the actual date burned onto a plaque. There’s no monetary reward, but with a win comes a good deal of bragging rights! Since I have moved into our family cabin in 1979, I’ve also recorded the freezing dates.

LAKE FREEZING DATES: Depending on wind, the lake may totally freeze overnight or in spurts. There are many years when it freezes over and then opens up again. The dates below are always for the final freezing date. Our house looks out on most of the northern 2/3 of the lake. The other end of our road also passes by the very northern section. A local highway passes by the southern end of the lake. There have been times when one end of the lake has frozen over but the other has not. That’s why all parts of the lake are checked before the date is final. Sometimes I call someone on the other end. For us, about 95% needs to frozen. Please keep in mind there are probably some errors. We weren’t doing this as a scientific study but for fun.

ICE OUT DATES: The first 5 years were not recorded by me so I don’t know how they were judged. I do the ice out the same way as the freezing date: check all ends of the lake and look for almost all the ice gone.

ice on off 122214

Note that the earliest ice out date (March 25th in 2012) and the latest date (May 11th in 2013) were in consecutive years. That’s Minnesota!

Kit Arnquist