Pokegama Lake Association’s 17th Annual Fresh Water Fair by Lyn Johnson On Thursday, May 21, 2015, the Pokegama Lake Association will be conducting its 17th Annual Fresh Water Fair. The purpose of this event is to provide knowledge and experiences for area fifth grade students on ground water, lakes, rivers, and streams. In addition, it stresses the importance of keeping all of our water resources clean and the many factors that affect the quality of those water resources. Held at the Pine County Fairgrounds and VFW, the day is comprised of learning stations where teachers and students can attend up to six of our 15 education modules. The students have a morning break of cookies and milk, and they each bring a bag lunch, with juice provide by the PLA. The teachers, module presenters and other adult volunteers are provided with a complimentary lunch prepared by the PLA Food Committee. This is a major undertaking of the PLA and thanks to the many people that have created and helped with this event through the years; this day has proven to be very successful. Many youth have expressed how much fun they had learning from the respective presenters and modules. In fact, some former participants have attributed their choice of a vocation in the scientific realm to their Freshwater Fair experience. More information will be provided in the upcoming months, but first please mark the date on your calendar.