Annual – Aug. 9, 2009



Mark and Kathrine Hoien -Hosts

August 11, 2009


Dinner was served at 5:00 p.m., followed by the Annual Business Meeting.


Lake Associations present: Amelia-Villard-Leven ( Ron & Marcella Stager); Emily (George Webster);

Gilchrist (Ron & Linda Erickson, Rich Heimkes, Mark & Kathrine Hoien, Mike Niesen, Nathan Zieske);

Linka (Ethel Anderson, R.P & Florence Griffin); Minnewaska (Gary Maurstad, Jerry Melby); Pelican (Glenn &

Sylvia Gunderson, John & JoAnn Scott); Scandi (Janie DeVaan, Roy Gustafson).

Affiliate Members Director: Mike Howe. Officers: President (Bruce Brown); Treasurer (Bruce Mulvaney).

Chippewa River Watershed Project (Paul Wymar); Pope County Land & Resources Mgt.(Steve Lawrence);

Pope SWCD (Juan Johnsrud). Lakes Associations absent: Grove & Tri-Lakes.


1. CALL to ORDER: by President Brown at 5:45 pm. Rich Heimkes was appointed Recording Secretary.


2. PROGRAM: Tim James from the MPCA gave handouts about the impaired bodies of water in Pope County 

and indicated that the Clean Water Act is forcing a study to develop a plan to clean our bodies of water. He

discussed how Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) are being developed and will be used to guide this study.


3. MINUTES: A motion by Gunderson, 2nd by Heimkes approved the 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes.


4. TREASURER’S REPORT: – Bruce Mulvaney

A. 2008 Report – income = $4866.87, 2008 expenses = $4400.81. Motion to accept the 2008 year end

report by Stager, 2nd Scott, approved.

B. Current 2009 report – checking = $714.17, savings = $16,867.12. Motion to accept by Maurstad, 2nd

Gustafson, approved.



A. Nominating Committee Report: Treasurer – Gary Maurstad Secretary – Charles Ballou

Vice President – John Scott President – No Nomination

B. Nominations from the floor: None – The above Nominees were elected for a two year term. The

office of President was declared Vacant. The Board of Directors can appoint to fill the vacancy.



A. Lake Associations – Minnewaska, Linka, Emily, Gilchrist and A-V-L all gave reports.

B. Lake Monitoring – Bruce Brown distributed the annual monitoring report with results for 16 years of

water sampling and acknowledged the volunteer samplers. Results from the MPCA SWAG study of

22 Pope County lakes that have been classified as impaired are also in the report.


7. OLD BUSINESS: Water Fest- Friday September 11, 2009. John Scott volunteer to help Bruce Brown.



A. West Central Initiative’s request to put our DVD “We Love Our Lakes” on their web site was approved.

B. Selection of 2010 Annual Meeting Host – Scandi Lake Volunteered. On a duly seconded motion it was

agreed to hold the Annual Meting on Monday.

C. President Brown high lighted the contributions of Walt Larson and asked for a moment of silence in his

memory. Certificates of appreciation were given to several lake samplers, Tim James, and Gilchrist Lake.

D. Rich Heimkes spoke about the Glacial Lakes Environmental Trust Fund. It is pool of money available to

lake associations and individuals who are interested in improving land associated with bodies of water.

Applications can be obtained from the Pope County Land Use Office, 634-5715.


9. Lake Scandi Lake Association will host the 2010 Annual Meeting.


10. ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Rich Heimkes, Recording Secretary.