Annual – Aug. 9 ,2010

Pope Co. COLA Annual Meeting Minutes

Aug. 9, 2010 at Scandi Lake 

Hosted by Jane De Vaan at 31646 Scandi Lane 



Food was served at 5:30 PM 

Lake Association members present: Amelia-Villard-Leven, Ann, Gilchrist, Grove, Minnewaska, Pelican, Scandi.

Absent: Emily, Linka, Tri-Lakes. Others: Matt Fischer SWCD, Luan Johnsrud SWCD, Steve Lawrence Land & Res., and Webmaster – Bruce Mulvaney, Guest Speaker: Tim James, MPCA.


Meeting called to order by President Bruce Brown at 6:15 PM—Ron Stager appointed Recording Sec.

Tim James from MPCA gave a report of the TMDL Study on the 8 impaired lakes in Pope Co.(Colored handout given

to those present) TMDL stands for Total Maximum Daily Load. Lakes studied: Leven, Gilchrist, Reno, Ann,

Malmedal, Strandness, Pelican & Emily. Data showed high phosphorus content…Lake Ann worst of the 8 lakes. It

needs a 90% reduction in phosphorus. Study now done –next step: an Implementation Plan. This will be a 5 to 10 year

plan. First there will be a Public Meeting on Sept.14th- Hosted Pope SWCD. Location unknown at this time.

Minutes of 2009 annual meeting read… motion to approve by Maurstad/sec by Hoffman passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT for 2009 given by Gary Maurstad— Motion to accept by Scott/Howe, passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT for 2010 thru Aug.9, 10 given by Maurstad.–.Funds available, $12,474.36. Motion to

accept by Scott/sec by Hoffman –passed.

ELECTION: Nominating committee had no candidates for office of PRES. and Sec. Dr. Brown stated due to health

issues he can no longer serve as president- will continue as lake water monitor. Motion by Howe to get new officers in

place at the regular Sept. 14, 2010 meeting. Approved

Lake Reports: Lake Amelia/Villard/Leven by Ron Stager—had July 10th annual meeting-Tim James of MPCA gave

report of Lake Levin TMDL. On June 19th we planted about 200 trees/shrubs on south end of Lake Amelia, along State

Hwy 28. Construction of a new sewer cluster system was to start in Sept –with May, 2011 completion date. Steve

Lawrence gave more details on project, about 35 landowners in the system in Clearwater Bay area of Lake Amelia.

Lake Minnewaska report by Maurstad—they had a successful Fundraiser event this summer.

Grove Lake by Crowe—-Kids Days was again a success.

Scandi by Roy Gustafson-had annual mtg, sprayed for army worms and covered half the cost of a Porta Pot.

Lake Ann by Howe – Trying to organize an association.

Mike Fischer – Pope SWCD Tech. Thanked COLA for our support.

Steve Lawrence reported on Carp Eradication program this summer.

Lake Monitoring report given by Bruce Brown, passed out copies of a nice colored monitoring report for 2010. It had

multi-lake data for first 3 samplings for 2010.

Old Business:

Water Fest—-Sept 10th—Place- Barness Park Time-9:30 AM til 1:30 PM. Program for 6th graders from Pope and

Stevens Co. About 300 kids attend..… COLA represented by Brown, with Maurstad and Scott helping.

New Business:

Annual Meeting for 2011 will be hosted by Pelican Lake Assoc. 

Next regular meeting is Sept.14, 2010. Brown will open meeting for last time. New Pres. & Sec. need to be elected.

Adjournment: Motion by Howe/Scott to adjourn….about 7:30 PM 

Respectfully Submitted by,

Ron Stager, Acting Secretary