Director’s – April 14, 2010



Board of Directors Meeting Pope Count Courthouse -Community Room

April 14, 2010 


Attendance: Members– Brown, Ballou, Scott, Jipson, Hoffman, Maurstad, Howe

Guests—Pope county Land & Resource Management -Steve Lawrence 

Pope SWCD-Luan Johnsrud

1. Call to Order at 9:1o a.m. by president Brown

2. Minutes: October 14, 2009 approved -Motion by Maurstad, 2nd by Scott to approve as written.

3. Treasurer’s Report-

Approved Motion by Scott, 2nd by Jipson to accept as present ed 2009 Budget/expenditures.

Monitoring fees have increase from $228 to $240. Brown will review monitoring budget and present finding.

2010 tabled until the monitoring budget is complete .

Approved- Motion by Scott, 2nd by Maurstad, each association pay $100 toward monitoring fee.

Approved – Motion by Maurstad, 2nd by Jipson, to pay $0.50 mileage rate.

Approved – Motion by Jipson, 2nd by Scott, to accept Treasurer’s report to date.

4. Committee Reports-

A. Land and Resource management Report from Lawrence 

i. Lake Amelia Clearwater Bay cluster system will connect 35 individual septic systems to a cluster system.

Public hear, April 24th. $450 million project expected to be completed by fall 2010.

ii. Scandi lake restoration project, 900 ft. on the west side. Partnering with Pope SWCD; no maintenance included in funding sources.

iii. TMDL, Jennifer Olson, Emmonds & Oliver is leaving for another position.

iv. Dodge County has program to enforce buffers on public waters & ditches

v. Ordinance updates—

i. Wind generators, encourage smaller-midsize units

ii. Stormwater controls new standards; 25% impervious rule the ‘intent’

iii. RV ordinance-lakeside 1=1; back lot (across the lake) apply for camp ground

iv. Pope county Carp Killers-3 year regulated pilot program to bow hunt carp

v. Pope county Fresh-Local foods Initiative–;12 vendors at the famers’ market, could use help with marketing

B. Monitoring-Brown

i. Need someone to monitor Lake Linka

ii. New bottles and procedure for monitoring. Will also subsample for phosphorus. Training session May 25th.

5. Old Business

A. SWAG update. Brown indicated the all reports and samples were accepted by MPCA. New contact at RMB lab is

Jason. Contract modified for per diem, mileage rate, and limits on meals.

6. New Business

A. Pope county Fair August 12 -15th, 2010 – Brown will check on booth and the DNR fish tank.

B. Country wide insurance – Invoice already paid.

C. Pope County Planning Committee meeting April 15, 2010 . Scott wants to add 6 units to their camp ground.

D. Minnesota Waters after dues, $100.00 for 2010 and website fee $100/year 2010 .

E. Chippewa River Watershed Project has loan funds for septic upgrades. Brown attended their annual meeting and handed out “What Can I do To Help Protect the Water Quality of My Lake’ information

7. Announcements

Next board meeting – May 12, 2010 at 9:10 a.m.

August 9, 2010- annual meeting to be hosted by L ake Scandi

8. Adjourn at 10:30 a.m. Motion Howe, 2nd by Maurstad