Annual – Aug. 12, 2008




Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dinner was served at 5:00 PM followed by the Annual Meeting.

Lake Associations members present: Amelia-Villard-Leven, Gilchrist, Linka, Minnewaska, Pelican. Absent: Emily, Grove, Scandi, Tri-Lakes. Others: Steve Lawrence, Bob & Loene Bowlin.

Guest Speaker: Paul Wymar, Chippewa River Watershed Project (Water Specialist)

1. CALL to ORDER – By the President at 5:45 PM

2. PROGRAM – Paul Wymar spoke on various Chippewa River Watershed monitoring. They are now in the formative stages of monitoring Lake Gilchrist, a 335 acre lake with a contributing watershed of 127 square miles. It is a 3 year project starting in 2009 with sampling from April thru Sept. New monitoring equipment has been purchased and project is funded for 2009, with 2010 and 2011 funding anticipated.

3. APPOINTMENTS – Ron Stager appointed recording secretary.

4. MINUTES – The August 14, 2007 minutes were approved on a duly seconded motion.

5. TREASURER’S REPORT – Bruce Mulvaney presented the 2008 Budget and reported Total Funds available of $5,682.36. Motion to accept by Gary Maurstad/Walt Larson was passed. There was no audit report this year.

6. REPORTS – Steve Lawrence reported that for sure $4000.00 in funding was available to COLA. Directors for each lake association gave short reports: Lake Minnewaska had no fund raiser this year, but was planning on one for 2009 according to Pres. Gary Maurstad. Also discussed the big pipe and mound systems for Lake Minnewaska. Bob Bowlin talked about the winter feeding which is back on the county agenda and the fact that we need better representation from the lake community. Discussion also on the county RV policy and need for new and better regulations. Bruce Brown reported on the lake testing for 2008. Year to date test results were handed out and a discussion followed. There are 6 tests per year on 19 lakes in county.


  A. Bruce Brown presented the following awards: Wenzel, Zenner, and Crowe new lake     samplers. Walt Larson received Distinguished Service Award and Ron Stager given COLA Member of the YEAR Award for the Fair booth project. Walt Larson also presented with a new Secchi disk and COLA cap to replace those lost in his tragic house fire on Lake Linka this year plus a COLA T-shirt.

  B. Water Fest on Sept. 12, 2008 – COLA will have a Secchi disk display again. Brown and Larson will handle this.


A. Next Board of Directors Meeting – September 9, 2008 at 8:10 a.m.

B. 2009 Annual meeting and Picnic will be hosted by Gilchrist Lake Association.

C. Appreciation was given to Pelican Lake Association for hosting the annual meeting.

9. ADJOURNMENT – Motion to adjourn at 8 PM by Rich Heimkes/Tom Olejnicak.   Respectfully submitted, Ron Stager, recording secretary.