Director’s – July 14, 2009


Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

July 14, 2009


Attendance: Members: Brown, Gunderson, Maurstad, Mulvaney, Ballou, Gustafson

1. Call to Order at 9:10 by President Brown

2. Minutes: June 9,2009 approved with one change of May testing to June testing on motion


3. Treasurer’s: Funds available $11,823.87. Total monitoring expense to read $215.37. Other

line items will be updated in next report. Accepted Ballou/Maurstad.

4. Committee reports: A.) Land & Resources Management not present.

B.) County Fair Booth August 6-9. DNR reportedly will not have fish tank present because of

other assignments of manpower. Motion Ballou/Gunderson to not have the fair booth unless DNR

is present with fish tank. Motion passed. Brown to check with Beck to confirm if fish tank will

not be present.

C.) Brown updated on water monitoring and obtained driver for August 3 sample delivery.

Lawrence may be taking on the Linka testing.

D.) Nominating committee reported. Scott will accept vice presidency. Howe interested in the

board will let Ballou know. Maurstad would take treasurer position.

5. Old Business: James set for the Annual meeting.


6. New Business:

A.) Mulvaney asked on Website Updates. Waterfest not a given, Brown hasn’t been contacted

regarding Sept. 11 project. Agreed to keep current website items. Ballou to check with Sheriff

regarding life jacket project. Discussion regarding Cola image and need for more participation,

consideration for a newsletter to be brought up at the annual meeting.

B.) Shoreland Resolution passed on motion Ballou/Maurstad. Ballou will mail copies to

Governor, DNR, Representative and Senator.

C.) Select host for annual meetings for upcoming years to be discussed at annual meeting.

D.) Ballou discussed possible fire protection thru a dry standpipe at lakes that are isolated from

fire protection (winter months lack of water availability is the main concern). Will be brought up

at the annual meeting. Web site for information

7. Announcements:

August 11, 2009 –Annual meeting hosted by Gilchrist Lake.

8. Adjournment 10:58 Maurstad/Mulvaney.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles L. Ballou

Charles L. Ballou, Secretary

Approved at the September 8, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting on motion by Ballou/Stager.