Director’s – July 14, 2010


Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

July 14, 2010


Attendance: Members:  Brown, Gunderson, Howe, Jipson, Maurstad, Scott, Stager

                    AVL Alernate Dave Hoffman, Steve Lawrence of Land/Resources ,Luan Johnsrud of SWCD


Meeting called to order by Pres. Bruce Brown at 9:10 AM


Minutes presented and approved..m Stager s Hoffman passed


Treasurer report presented by Gary Maurstad…Funds available 8,137.54……

After today only Lake Gilchrist has not paid dues for year.  Motion to accept Jipson/Stager passed…


Committee Reports:

A.   Land & Resources Management-Steve Lawrence— Commented on water meeting between County and farmers…. Also that Signage boards (4) almost done…will be placed in City parks—one each in Glenwood, Starbuck  and Villard..4th site unknown….these are Plexiglass boards about 3 by 4 ft. with extra space for special notices etc… Will be maintained by Environmental Services…..

   B.  Monitoring-Bruce Brown      June 1 and 21 testing results by RMB labs. Presented by Brown

         All lakes except Emily sampled on June 21, 3 lakes missed on June 1st..

         SWAG Report; 22 extra lakes in this sampling by RMB labs and funded by grant from MPCA

         Second year of this program….6 test samples from each lake will be taken this year- first test was 6/21/10

   C.  Mike Howe still trying to contact Tim James to speak at meeting…to be held at Lake Scandi Roy Gustafson in chg.  Site not set yet…. Food served 5:30 PM—Meeting at 6 PM

      Motion by Stager/Jipson  passed

     D…Nominating Comm.   John Scott Chr (Maustad and Gunderson)  no candidates yet for

              Pres. and Sec…  must find replacements as Brown will not continue as Pres. and

              Secretary position not filled…… Brown will continue running the water monitoring


      E…Audit Comm (Stager,Howe,Gunderson) have audit completed. Gave to Brown for use at annual meeting on Aug.9, 2010…

        Old BUSINESS—

Letter of support to be given to Luan Johnsrud and 100.00 check to support Farm Bill Technician…motion Howe/Jipson passed.

        NEW BUSINESS   —Volunteer time etc.   Mike Howe wanted to donate time and travel

       allowance back to COLA ….. accepted by board….money can be used for another worthwhile project…..

 Announcements—Annual meeting Aug.9, 2010 at Lake Scandi –New officers to

take office after August meeting…. Next reg.meeting Sept.8, 2010….

              Adjournment—Motion Stager/Scott   passed


         Respectfully Submitted         Ron Stager Acting Secretary…..