Director’s – July 8, 2008



Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Pope County Courthouse – Community Room

July 8, 2008


Attendance: Bruce Brown, Bruce Mulvaney, Ron Stager, and Walt Larson. Ryan Kessler, DNR.


1. Call to Order: President Bruce called the meeting to order at 8:14AM


2. Minutes of June 10, 2008 were approved on a motion made by Walt Larson, 2nd by Ron Stager.


3. Treasurer’s Report: Bruce Mulvaney indicated that three Lake Associations have paid their dues for the year. Three Thousand Dollars has been received from the West Central Initiative Trust Fund to the Jenniges Grazing Project. Funds available are $5,900.72. The report was accepted on a motion by Walt Larson, 2nd by Ron Stager and passed.

Treasurer Bruce Mulvaney requested approval of a bill of $18.97 for a new ink cartridge for the printer. It’s under $50.00 so it doesn’t need Board approval,


4. Committee Reports:

A. Land and Resource Management Director Steve Lawrence reported on sidewalk pavers, signage, rest areas etc at City Park, that are maintained by the City of Glenwood. The cost of the pavers, etc. was $6,200.00. $4,000.00 was provided by The Chippewa River Watershed Project.

Information Kiosks will be installed at several locations. Director Lawrence asked if our COLA should be a sponsor. Motion by Ron Stager, 2nd Walt Larson to participate. The motion passed.


B. Monitoring: Dr. Brown gave his Monitoring Report. There has been an increase in lab costs in order to cover additional “flow” information. Motion by Mulvaney, 2nd Stager to approve the Monitoring Budget. Motion passed. Dr. Brown gave the 1st Sampling Report of the year. Drivers are needed. July 21st will be Charlie Ballou.


5. Old Business: The Rick Lindberg Memorial was discussed.


6. New Business: Wednesday July 16th is Entry Day for the Pope County Fair. Our booth set-up will be on Thursday the 17th at 11 :30AM. We will line up the materials and equipment on Wednesday at 12:30PM. We will staff the COLA Booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Six shifts of two workers are needed for the booth.


7. Announcements: The COLA Annual Meeting will be hosted by the Pelican Lake Association on August 12th beginning at 5:00PM.


8. The meeting was adjourned at 9: 16AM.


Respectfully submitted,


Walt Larson

Secretary Pro-tem