Director’s – June 10, 2008

Pope County Coalition of Lake Associations, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse – Community Room

June 10, 2008 Minutes


Attendance: Members: Brown, Ballou, Gunderson, Mulvaney, Nyhusmoen, Larson Others: Kovarik – Pope SWCD


1. Call to Order at 8:10 a.m. by Brown.


2. Minutes of May 13, 2008: Motion Larson/Ballou to approve—Passed.


3. Treasurer’s Report by Mulvaney: Limited activities to date. Checking balance $44.68, Savings balance $5,777.74. Encumbered funds $250. Budget for 2008—Income $6,427.00, Expenses $9,633.00. Motion to approve report and budget Nyhusmoen/Larson—Passed.


4. Committee Reports:

A) Lawrence absent—no report.


B.)Water Monitoring—Brown submitted 2008 Lake Monitoring Budget. Income from Signalness (Mountain) lake deleted. Motion to approve Ballou/Nyhusmoen-Passed.


5. Old Business: (None)


6. New Business:


A.) Kovarik informed on programs of Pope SWCD.  SWCD received a $213,600 grant for buffer and alternative tile inlet projects. The Working Lands Initiative (cattlemans program) has received $22,000. This program allows grazing on Fish and Wildlife properties. SWCD will have a Cooperative Weed Management program workshop July 10, 2008. Water Festival program on September 12, 2008 and Toonies program at the fair discussed. Motion to provide $350 for each program Ballou/Mulvaney—passed.


B.) Lindberg Memorial—no action taken.


7. Announcements

2008 Annual Meeting on August 12 to be hosted by Pelican Lake

2009 Annual Meeting in August to be hosted by Gilchrist Lake


8. Adjournment: on Motion by Ballou/Mulvaney adjourned at 9:30

Respectfully submitted by Charles Ballou, Secretary