Director’s – June 9, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

June 9, 2009


Attendance: Members: Brown, Gunderson, Mulvaney, Ballou, Gustafson; Guests: Diann Parker (Brown’s daughter), Joan Jipson Lake Emily representative


1. Call to Order at 9:10 by President Brown, Moment of silence for Larson.


2. Minutes: May 12, 2009 approved on motion Ballou/Mulvaney


3. Treasurer’s report: Received $1,500 from County for signage, 2 signs in Glenwood, One sign Starbuck. County will do signage. $1,100 available for SWAG Fin. Mgmt.. $8,000 encumbered for Scandi Shore and signage project. Funds available $5,951.10. Treasurer’s report accepted on motion Gunderson/Ballou


4. Committee reports: A) Lawrence unavailable no report.

B.) Brown reported on monitoring: June testing – all lakes reported except Linka. A sign up for drivers to take samples to Detroit Lakes passed around.

C.) Nominating committee no report.


5. Old Business: A) SWAG contract signed and delivered. Testing will start in 2 weeks. B.) Contract with RMB for lab portion of SWAG signed and delivered.


6. New Business:

A) Program for annual meeting-Tim James from MPCA will be contacted.

B.) Water Fest- motion to continue funding at $350 level by Ballou/Mulvaney. Water Fest will likely be in Sept ember.

C.) 2009 annual meeting on August 11 to be hosted by Gilchrist Lake. At Hoien residence 20914 County Road 10. The fIrst residence on the west side of the E. branch of the Chippewa River as it exits the lake.


7. Announcements: Next meeting July 14, 2009 at 9:10 AM August 11, 2009 -Annual meeting hosted by Gilchrist Lake.

Thanked Joan Jipson for attending on behalf of Lake Emily and looking forward to her being appointed as a Cola member from the Lake Emily Association.


8. Adjournment 10:45 Ballou/Gustafson