Director’s – June 9, 2010


Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

June 9, 2010


Attendance: Members: Brown, Gunderson, Howe, Jipson, Maurstad, Scott, Stager.

AVL Alternate Dave Hoffman, Pope SWCD Luan Johnsrud, Land & Resources Director Steve Lawrence.

1. Call to Order at 9:10 by President Brown

2. The May 12, 2010 Board of Directors meeting was cancelled due to a lack of a quorum.

3. Special Order: Resignation of Charles Ballou, Secretary. Motion to accept, Howe/Scott was approved. There

were no nominations for secretary, thus the office was declare vacant. No action was taken to appoint a

recording secretary as provided in ARTICLE V, Section 3 of the bylaws.

4. Minutes: April 14,2010 approved as corrected, strike Charles Ballou as present, motion Maurstad/Stager.

5. Treasurer’s: G. Maurstad, Funds available $6,827.60. Motion to accepted by Howe/Scott was passed.

6. Committee reports: A. Land & Resources Management – Steve Lawrence, Scandi Shores project has some

problems that are being worked on. Signage Board will have space for COLA info. Carp shoot had some

weather problems but was considered a good start.

B. Monitoring – Brown

(1) Reported additional funds have been made available from S. Lawrence, $1,500.00 for the

monitoring program and $1,500.00 for carp program & education.

(2) Presented a revised budget. Approved by motion, Stager/Jipson.

(3) Held successful Sampler training sessions May 25 & May 31.

(4) All lakes were samples on June 1, 2010 except Emily, Leven, & Pelican.

(5) Circulated a sign up sheet for drivers to take samples to Detroit Lake Laboratory.

7. Old Business: None

8. New Business:

A. As provide in ARTICLE XII a motion Maurstad/ Scott was approved to suspend ARTICLE VII,Section 1,

of the bylaws, those parts referring to number of days. The time restraint can’t be met due to no meeting in May.

B. Nominating Committee – Scott, Gunderson, Maurstad, to fill vacancies in President & Secretary for the

remainder of the unexpired term. Report due at the July 14 meeting. Election to be at the Annual Meeting.

C. Auditing Committee – Stager, Howe, Gunderson, audit before the Annual Meeting August 9, 2010.

D. Annual Meeting Program – Mike Howe will contact Tim James about the TMDL study.

E. County Fair Booth August 12-15. The DNR fish tank is not available, thus no fair booth this year.

F. Lake Emily annual meeting- Tim James presented info on the TMDL project. There was much discussion

about the need for a coordinated Implementation Plan. Many felt the Pope SWCD was the logical lead agency.

G. SWCD letter asking to support the Farm Bill Technician. Tabled without objection, copies to be sent out.

9. Announcements:

Next Board meeting – July 14, 2010 at 9:10 a.m., Community Room

Annual meeting hosted by Scandinavian Lake – Monday August 09, 2010

10. Adjournment : Motion Stager/Scott – approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Bruce A. Brown, Recording Secretary