Director’s – May 12, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

May 12, 2009 – Minutes


Attendance: Members: Ballou, Brown, Crowe, Gunderson, Gustafson, Maurstad, Mulvaney, Stager; Others: Lawrence 


1.Call to Order at 9: 10 by President Brown: April meeting canceled-lack of quorum


2. Minutes: Oct. 14, 2008 approved on motion Stager/Crowe: Minutes July 8, 2008 approved with change in item 4 of payers to pavers on motion Mulvaney/Ballou


3. Treasurer’s Report: Year end 2008 funds available $4,400.81 accepted Maurstad/Gustafson; Treasurer’s report May 12, 2009 held to incorporate budget items.


4. Committee reports: A) Lawrence reported on Land and Resource Management-Working with MNDOT and City of Glenwood on Storm water management related to Highway 55. Low interest loan money is available for ISTS improvements.

Scandia Lake shore project has funding thru DNR. Motion: COLA will participate in Scandia Lake project as a transfer of funding; Gustafson/Crowe.

Carp removal project on Minnewaska and Pelican will be a 3 year project subject to obtaining permits and managed by the County.

B.) Brown reported on monitoring: Motion by Maurstad/Mulvaney was approved to accept the proposed budget. Mileage rate to be 55cents, lake associations sampling costs are $100.00 per site, COLA pays for Signalness and Johanna, any lake sampled without an association will be billed the full lab cost ($228); these items and others will be incorporated in Treasurer’s report next month. Monitoring schedule and sampler information handed out.


5. Old Business: Motion Maurstad/Crowe was approved to authorize Brown to negotiate and sign an agreement with RMB Lab. to do the fieldwork, analysis and reporting according to the terms of the MPCA SWAG Grant and that COLA’s sole responsibility is to approve and process invoices as transfer agent for the SWAG contract.



6. New Business: Motion to pay Minnesota Water dues and web site Ballou/Stager

Fair Booth: Stager to check dates and reserve space. He suggested the schedule to be by Associations. Shoreland Standards Preliminary Draft information was made available by Brown.

Pope County 8 Lake TMDL Study- Headed by Tim James MPCA, info and meeting handout by Brown. Nominating Committee – Gunderson and Ballou.

Auditing Committee – Stager and Maurstad to meet with Mulvaney.


7. Announcements: Next meeting June 9, 2009 at 9: 10 AM.   August 11, 2009 – Annual meeting hosted by Gilchrist Lake.


8. Adjournment 10:58 Maurstad/Crowe


Respectfully submitted,


Charles Ballou, Secretary