Director’s – May 13, 2008

Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse- Community Room

May 13, 2008 Minutes


Attendance:Members: Brown, Ballou, Gunderson, Mulvaney, Nyhusmoen ,Stager, Richard Heimkes Others: Commissioner Paulson, Steve Lawrence.


1. Call to Order at 8:10 a.m. by Brown

2. Minutes of October 09, 2007: Motion Ballou/Stager to approve—Passed.

3. Treasurer’s Report by Mulvaney: Report for year ending Dec 31, 2007.Total Income $6,972.21, Total Expenses $7,776.48, Checking Balance $494.68, Savings Balance $5,736.80, Funds Encumbered $1,600. Funds available $4,631.48 Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Nyhusmoen/Stager —-Passed Brown reported that IRS filing is done on line. Mulvaney reported that the Lake Villard Curly Leaf program was scrapped with any money’s received returned to donors.


4. Committee Reports:

A.) Lawrence reported: TMDL by MPCA will be completed on 8 lakes—Emily, Malmedahl, Strandness, Reno, Pelican, Gilchrist & Villard.

Buffering, Stormwater management, wellhead protection areas, supplemental feedlots and

Water Plan are items being worked on.


B.)Water Monitoring—Brown submitted a monitoring schedule, first testing date is June 9. A tentative budget presented. Lab fees are increasing $12 per test. A motion by

Ballou/Nyhusmoen to increase lake association monitoring fees to $75.00. Passed.


5. Old Business: (None)


6. New Business:

A.) Toonies program for the fair discussed. Will have Holly Kovarik attend next meeting to further discuss possible funding.


B.) Membership in Minnesota Waters. Membership dues are $100, Web Site Fee is $100.

Motion Stager/Mulvaney to pay membership dues and Web Site Fee, passed


C.) Brown provided information on DNR Shoreland Rules Revision meetings. A meeting at Alexandria Tech. College on Thursday June 12 is scheduled. Web page providing additional information


D.) Mulvaney presented a request that Cola be a pass thru of monies for the Pope County

Cattlemens Association program to allow for grazing on Waterfowl Management properties. Fish and Wildlife support this program. The options for grassland management are: Burning, Cutting or Grazing. The program is being submitted thru the Environmental Trust. Motion by Brown/Mulvaney to support the program and be a pass thru of monies as long as it does not jeopardize our 501.c3 status.  Passed


7. Announcements:

2008 Annual Meeting on August 12 to be hosted by Pelican Lake

2009 Annual Meeting in August to be hosted by Gilchrist Lake


8. Adjournment: on Motion by Ballou/Mulvaney adjourned at 9:50


Respectfully submitted by Charles Ballou, Secretary