Director’s – Oct. 14, 2008

Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse – Community Room

October 14, 2008 Minutes


Attendance: Members: Brown, Gunderson, Larson, Maurstad, Mulvaney, Nyhusmoen, Stager.

Others: Larry Wenzel, Dennis Zenner.

1. Call to Order at 9:14 a.m. by the President.

Steve Lawrence has to be in court, thus will be unable to attend the meeting.


2. Minutes: July 8, 2008 tabled; September10. 2008 were approved on a motion by Mulvaney/Gunderson.


3. Treasurer’s Report: Total income $9,702.08 Total expenses $8,814.06, Checking balance $493.82, Savings balance $5,210.88, Total funds $5,704.70, Funds encumbered $250.00. Funds available $5,454.70.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Stager/Maurstad, carried.


4. Committee reports:

A. Monitoring – Bruce Brown gave an update on sampling to date and distributed the 2008 Monitoring Report to the Lake Associations present. He passed out a copy of the MPCA listed Pope County impaired waters.


5. Old Business:

A. Walt Larson & Bruce Brown reported on another successful Water Fest.


6. New Business:

A. Bruce Brown reported on the availability of Clean Water Legacy Grant funds to sample 22 lakes in Pope County suggested by the MPCA. The RMB Lab will help draft the grant application and can be hired to do the sampling work. All materials must be submitted by November 4, 2008. Motion by Mulvaney/Larson

was approved to apply for the funds and proceed with the project.

B. Motion by Nyhusmoen/Stager to continue the monitoring program in 2009 was approved.

C. Dues for 2009: There was no interest in making a change at this time.



7. Announcements:

A. This is the last meeting of the year unless something comes up that requires a special meeting.


8. Adjournment: On motion by Stager/Maurstad the meeting adjourned.

This is the best I can recall from my notes, please let me know of any corrections.

Respectfully submitted by, Bruce A Brown,

Recording Secretary