Director’s – Oct. 14, 2009



Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

October 14, 2009 


Attendance: Members– Brown, Maurstad, Ballou, Stager, Scott, Howe

Guests–Pope County Land & Resource Management, Steve Lawrence

Pope County SWCD, Matt Fischer


1. Call to Order at 9:10 by President Brown

2. Minutes: September 8, 2009 approved-Motion Maurstad/Ballou with amendment to delete item regarding meeting time for next year. Adjourment was Ballou/Scott


3. Treasurer’s Report: Motion to accept_Ballou/Scott. Funds available $8,651.37


4. Committee Reports:

A. Land & Resource Management report from Lawrence

i.) Scandi Erosion Control project has been approved to proceed by DNR. Will proceed next spring.

ii.) Carp control project on Pelican and Minnewaska has been approved by Beck and will proceed next spring.

iii.) Sewage dump station being looked into, requires MPCA approval, details on the project are being worked on.

iv.) RV ordinance is in the works and will require a public hearing to have it adopted into the Land Use Ordinance requirements. Desire to have in place by spring.

B. Auditing Committee report by Stager -Written report submitted motion by Scott/Brown to accept.

C. Monitoring report by Brown Report is in process. SWAG invoicing is lagging. Brown attended a Water Monitoring Training program in Alexandria sponsored by Minnesota Waters. Motion Maurstad/Howe to pay Brown $12 attendance fee.


5. Old Business – Lake TMDL program will have update on SWCD website. There was discussion on the amount of/lack of publicity for the program and should there be more of a public relations program so that when results and requirements are addressed that they will be accepted and understood.


6. New Business-

a.) Motion Ballou/Stager to pay Brown $1,000.00 upon delivery of 2009 monitoring report to Land & Resource Management office.

b.) Motion Howe/Ballou to authorize Monitoring Coordinator to develop plans, find samplers, procure equipment, and work out cost and new procedure with RMB lab for 2010 Monitoring program.

c.) Motion Stager/Scott to fund the 2010 Waterfest program $350.

d.) Motion Ballou/Scott to authorize payment of Liability Insurance premium when it comes due.

e.) Matt Fischer of Pope SWCD discussed the Native Buffer Cost Share Program. Some $25,000.00 is available but has to have a signed agreements by June 30, 2010.

f.) Steve Lawrence discussed the West Central Initiative’s Healthy Waters Initiative that has $5,000 available for an eligible project by a Lake Association. This program requires action by November 30, 2009 and information will be e-mailed to members to get to their associations.



7. Announcements

a.) Next meeting will be Wednesday April 14, 2010 at 9:10 AM.

b.) 2010 annual meeting to be Monday August 9 and will be hosted by SCANDI.



8. Adjourn 10:30 AM—Motion Scott/Ballou

Respectfully Submitted

Charles Ballou, Secretary