Director’s – Sept. 15, 2010


Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

September 15, 2010


Attendance: Members: Brown, Howe, Jipson, Maurstad, Scott, Stager.

AVL Alternate Dave Hoffman, Pope SWCD Luan Johnsrud, Land & Resources Director Steve Lawrence.

1. Call to Order at 9:10 by President Brown

2. Treasurer’s: G. Maurstad, Funds available $ 11847.86.

Corrections: Income – Emily dues & monitoring fees are paid rather than Gilchrist.

Add SWAG @ $323.99. Total Income = $6,823.99.

Expenses – Add Lakes Samplers @ $90.00. Total Monitoring = $5,877.67.

Motion to accepted with corrections by Jipson/Howe was passed.

3. Special Order: President & Secretary vacancies – There was a wide ranging discussion primarily about how

to provide secretarial services. Hire someone to cover 6-7 meetings a year at about $30.00/hour to

someone who could make the agenda, send out notices and other communications, write grants and

generate other income producing proposals. A Motion by Mike Howe/Joan Jipson to draft a job

description for discussion at the next meeting was approved. Mike Howe will make the draft.

4. Old Business:

A. Auditing Committee – The report dated July 8, 2010 covering the period from September 14, 2009

thru July 8, 2010 included checks #847 thru #861. Checkbook balance 7/8/2010 = $2,945.21. The

Savings Account balance = $13,442.33. The committee reported all books kept by COLA Treasurer

balanced for the audit period and that Statements for all written checks were in order. Approval of this

report was missed at the Annual Meeting; therefore a motion the approve the report by Ron Stager/Joan

Jipson was passed unanimously.

B. WaterFest – Bruce Brown. An email from Luan Johnsrud, SWCD, indicated their WaterFest

committee found that the students already have a water quality station at the Conservation Day as

5th graders. To avoid duplication they asked us to help at some other station. Time didn’t permit making

such arrangements, thus COLA didn’t participate in the 2010 WaterFest.

5. New Business: None

9. Announcements:

Next Board meeting – October 13, 2010 at 9:10 a.m., Community Room

10. Adjournment : Motion by Howe/Stager – approved


This is the best of my recollection from the few notes I have.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce A. Brown, Recording Secretary