Director’s – Sept. 8, 2009


Board of Directors Meeting

Pope County Courthouse, Community Room

September 8, 2009 


Attendance:  Members Brown, Gunderson, Maurstad, Ballou, Stager, Scott

                   Pope County Land & Resource Management, Steve Lawrence


1.      Call to Order at 9:10 by President Brown


2.      Minutes: July 14, 2009 approved-Motion Ballou/Stager


3.      Treasurer’s Report: Motion to accept_Scott/Ballou


4.      Land & Resource Management report from Lawrence

          a.) RV ordinance being revised by County Board. Will furnish a draft to members under separate e-mail and attach to minutes. One unit on front lot. Mutliple units possible on back lots with requirements to be similar to that for Camp Grounds. Common Interest Community question needs to be addressed. Public hearing will be required.

          b.) Scandi Erosion Control project desired by landowners but running into some problems with DNR indecision.

          c.) Carp control project moving ahead with action to occur next spring.

          d.) Storm water web site being set up by the County.

          e.) Sewage dump station being looked into. Will require 40 acres. County may operate on leased property. 600,000 gallons of waste a year anticipated, approximately half of what is generated in the county.

          Water Monitoring- Brown handed out summary of testing results so far this Yr.


5.      Old Business – audit committee has not completed report, needs immediate action.


6.      New Business-

          a.) Motion to elect Mike Howe to the board as an affiliate member subject to paying $15 dues.  Motion Ballou/Stager

          b,) Board meeting day and time to be second Monday of the month 9 to 11AM

          c.) Waterfest September 11, 2009 Brown and Scott will work. 8:00 AM start.

          d.)TMDL info will be e-mailed to board members when it becomes available.

          e.) November meeting will be decided upon at the October meeting.

7.      Announcements

          a.) October meeting on October 14, 2009 at 9:00 AM

          b.) 2010 annual meeting to be second Monday in August time and place to be decided later.

8.      Adjourn  10:30 AM


Respectfully Submitted


Charles Ballou, Secretary