Annual Meeting May 2015

Upper Hay Lake Association
2015 Annual Membership Meeting
May 16, 2015

President Claire Steen called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. with a hearty welcome to the 42 members in attendance.

Agendas for the meeting were available. Bob Smith made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Tom Audette.

Secretary’s Report – Karen Bowman: In lieu of the absence of the Secretary, the Minutes of Upper Hay Lake Association Annual Meeting, May 17, 2014, were not read but available to all members present. No questions or issues were brought to the floor. Bob Smith made a motion to accept the Minutes, seconded by Joanne Audette. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Meyer: The fiscal year for our association runs with the calendar year and on January 1, 2014 our total assets were $25,488.10. We had 97 paid members this past year (down 4 from 2013) which gave us $2,315.00 in dues. We received extra donations of $1,968.77 plus an additional $1,765.60 from Thrivent Financial. We also received $85.00 in product sales for a total income of $6,544.18 in fiscal year 2014.

We also applied for a Shoreline Restoration Grant from Crow Wing County Soil & Water Conservation District and received $13,050.00. So far we have paid out $6,864.04 of this to our members doing restoration projects. All of the SWCD grant money will eventually be paid to the members on last year’s grant list. In addition, we paid five $600 UHLA grants.

On December 31, 2014 we had $23,268.96 in our savings account and $9,704.91 in our checking account for a total of $32,973.87. With Restoration payments yet to be paid we have liabilities of $6,185.96 or Total Net Assets of $26,787.91.

In addition, Treasurer Ken Meyer reported that all necessary forms have been filed and financial reports are available upon request. It was moved by Cindy Rieck, seconded by Tom Audette to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.

Board Members: President Steen introduced the Board Members: Ken Meyer – Treasurer; Bruce Ohland, Whitey Larson, Steve Scarborough – Vice-President, Mickey Perwien, Judy Murphy, Joanne Audette, and Jan Marshall filling in for Karen Bowman who was absent and has resigned as Secretary.

Darren Mayers – Crow Wing Soil & Water Conservation District: Darren gave a very enthusiastic presentation on shoreline restoration. He showed a new video presenting reasons why we all need to be conscientious about our treatments of our lake shore, as well as handed out several informative brochures. Some highlights of Darren’s talk:

Upper Hay Lake is part of the Pine River Watershed
Encourage native vegetation
Get the phosphorous out
Stop mowing lawns so close to the shoreline
Stop pointing out & start pointing in – we all need to do our part!
People solve problems
SWCD is there for help – call & they will help individuals plan
Encouraging farmers to “cover crop” with vegetation to help prevent soil runoff

Extra videos are available.

Bre Bauerly – Minnesota Native Landscape: Minnesota Native Landscapes’ main office is located in Otsego, MN, and their mission is: “To create and restore ecologically sound plant communities by creating high quality, diverse natural areas. We use innovative procedures and focus on the enhancement of habitat, water quality and aesthetics for private landowners, commercial properties and public lands.” MNL is equipped to handle all sizes of projects including residential, private development, commercial and public projects to help restore landscapes. Bre handed out several brochures listing grass & wildflower seed mixes to use in this area which residents can order directly. MNL ecologists can assist in everything from project design to appropriate plant species selection, just contact them for an onsite consultation.

Shoreline Restoration Grants: Claire presented an update on the shoreline restoration grants. Last year there were 9 grants approved. Seven have been completed. They are Judy and Greg Murphy, Ken and Sally Meyer, Charlie and Jean Ford, Whitey and Kathy Larson, Jim and Marlis Fleming, Cindy Rieck, Bruce and Diane Ohland. The two that have not been completed are Hay Lake Lodge and Patrick Botz. It was recommended that you take a drive around the lake to see these projects. It is something to truly be proud of. UHL was interviewed with Public Television in April at which time they showed the Meyer shoreline on TV. UHLA has applied for another grant for this coming year and we will hear after May 20th if we have been granted any funds. If we have not been granted any monies, Claire urged everyone still considering shoreline restoration to still make a financial investment in it. In the long term, shoreline restoration will be a benefit to our lake.

AIS Inspection at Boat Landing: UHLA has been allocated 400 hours of inspection hours at our boat landing as our lake is considered very high risk. Crow Wing County has partnered with Employment Resource Center to provide staffing for AIS water craft inspectors. The county inspectors are DNR trained and training is paid by CWC. A schedule has been developed for the inspectors to be at the landing through the middle of September. UHL also has a watercraft access usage counter which runs on batteries installed at the landing. The seasonal coordinators will periodically download the data so that we can learn when the peak usage times are for aiding with inspector scheduling.

AIS Veliger Testing – Ken Meyer: Ken had a map of the lake reporting four sites that have been tested with the following results:

Location out from Bob Smith’s property (west side) showing no vilagers
Don & Mary Buss – none
Cindy Rieck – (32’ depth) – maybe one
Lloyd Wass (east side in 22’ of water) 3 vilagers

The Board approved the purchase of a sampling net costing approximately $200 to do our own testing. We need a volunteer to do the testing. Best time to test is July thru early August.

AIS Decal Program – Bruce Ohland: The AIS decal for trailers has been put on hold until July.

Loon Report – Ken Meyer: Ken reported that the ice went out on the lake April 6th and soon as it was feasible, he put the loon raft out. After swimming around the raft and diligently guarding it, the loon finally climbed up on the nest April 20 and “did their thing!” To date, there are no eggs on the nest, but there still is hope!

Sandpiper Pipeline – Claire Steen: Claire attended the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) hearing January in St. Cloud to testify. This was one of several hearings around the State. The current status is that Adm Law Judge Lipman was removed from the case. He did state that Enbridge should have a certificate of need. A new Adm law judge has been appointed. The National Forest Service has designated the Pine River Watershed as the #1 priority for clean drinking water in the State. The MPCA and DNR concurred with this decision. The PUC has said it will come out with a ruling in the middle of June. If it is approved, then the routing phase will be discussed. The current route is in northern Crow Wing County. Resources for you to visit online are Friends of the Headwaters based in Park Rapids along with Enbridge Sandpiper Pipeline Project.

Unfinished Business: None reported.

Election of Board Members: Karen Bowman resigned as a Board Member, leaving a one-year vacancy. “Nick” Nikodym volunteered to fill the vacancy. Claire Steen, Ken Meyer, and Joanne Audette finished their 3-year term and were up for reelection. Claire Steen and Ken Meyer agreed to serve for another three years and Jan Marshall volunteered to serve for the other vacant 3-year term. Bruce Ohland made a motion, seconded by Bob Smith to accept the volunteered board members. Motion approved.

UHLA Summer Picnic: The summer picnic will once again be held at Hay Lake Lodge on August 1. In case of rain, it will be held on August 8. Sharon Leutem, Jean Ford, Judy Murphy and Mickey Perwien volunteered to work on picnic plans.

Door Prizes: The following had their names drawn for door prizes of their choice: Claudia Kastning, Bruce Ohland, and Kathy Larson.

Closing Remarks: Mickey Perwien offered his fishing expertise on the lake. “Nick” Nikodym reported that Shamp’s Meat Market in Pine River is reopening.

A motion by Dean Schrimpf, seconded by Sue Nikodym to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Jan Marshall, Temporary Secretary