DNR Fish Stocking in Whitefish


2014 Fish Stocking

Whitefish fry stocking 2014

Information from the DNR Brainerd Fisheries office about the Spring 2014 fish stocking efforts:

Walleyes were spawned this year from April 23 through May 5.  1,942 walleyes  were captured.  927 were males and 1,015 were females.

Eggs were taken from 832 females yielding 765 quarts or 94 million eggs.  Of these, 29 million eggs were transferred to the Waterville and St. Paul hatcheries and we hatched 49 million fry in Brainerd which was a 75% hatch rate.

Five million walleye were stocked in the main Whitefish Chain with another 880,000 stocked in Cross Lake and 184,000 stocked in Upper Hay.