Run for the Walleye

Women's 10K Top Three!

Women’s 10K Top Three!

2016 Run for the Walleye July 2, 2016  Crosslake Community Center


A great success!   Attendance jumps 32% over preceding year!


Families with 3 generations present, Multiple fun activities. Raises money for better water, water better for the fish and better for us


A post-race message from Jenny Max, Race Director

It was another successful year for Grandpa’s Run for the Walleye!

We had a record turnout of 718 5k and 10k participants – an astounding 32% higher than last year!

Jonathan Stoltman was the overall men’s 5k winner with a time of 15:54, and Jennifer Walz was the overall women’s 5k winner with a time of 20:27. Russell Dylla was the overall men’s 10k winner with a time of 38:28, and Sarah Getty was the overall women’s 10k winner with a time of 41:17.

There were also approximately 125 Sunfish Dash runners who ranged from 0-10 years old.

The weather was perfect again this year and all of us at WAPOA thank the many families who came out to the Community Center to cheer on the runners, walkers and kids racers – it was fun for the whole family!

A big thank you also goes out to the volunteers who continue to make the event as successful as it is. These volunteers donate countless hours out of their schedules to make sure everyone has a fun and enjoyable time.

Thank you! Jenny 

Bike leads 2016 10k race near start.

Bike leads 2016 10k race near start.

2016 10K early leader keeps his early lead and is the mens' winner.

2016 10K early leader keeps his early lead and is the mens’ winner.



Top 3 women winners in 10K race.

Top 3 women winners in 10K race.

Top 3 men in 10K race.

These first three, #665, #13, and runner in red shorts take an early lead in the 5K and are the men's winners in the same order listed above.

These first three, #665, #13, and runner in red shorts take an early lead in the 5K and are the men’s winners in the same order listed above.





First woman to cross the finish line in 10K race. 20minutes, 25 seconds.







Women's winners for 5K second and third place finish within seconds of each other.

Women’s winners for 5K second and third place finish within seconds of each other.



Kid Sunfish Dash

Kid Sunfish Dash

Older kids in Sunfish Dash

Older kids in Sunfish Dash






The playground close to the finish line was also was popular for many of the kids!

The playground close to the finish line was also was popular for many of the kids!




















Below:  2015 Run for the Walleye-—Photos show the layer of smoke from Canadian forest fires which persisted for several weeks over the area


WAPOA’s first 10K! Seventy runners entered.   The course is certified. Off to an early start at 8:15 am. That is not fog in the background, but a light smokey haze from Canadian forest fires.  The much larger usual 5 K started at 8:30 am with 474 runners.

Completed on July 4, 2015!!!

Most runners ever….

70 runners in the “first time” 10 k

474 runners in traditional 5 k

total 544 runners— a record for Run for the Walleye

plus a not yet counted estimate of 160-180 in the various heats of the Sunfish Dash

5 k Leader Board

Top 10 Men

Place Name Bib Age Sex Time Diff
1 Christian Leonard 774 16 M 17:28 +0:00
2 Brady Rutman 879 31 M 17:36 +0:08
3 Michael Schaefer 676 17 M 18:13 +0:45
4 Cody Huss 901 16 M 18:31 +1:04
5 Mitchell Tolander 711 15 M 18:39 +1:12
6 Frank Fetrow 464 15 M 18:43 +1:16
7 Jeff Lemire 568 34 M 19:19 +1:52
8 Joe McGraw 588 20 M 19:48 +2:21
9 Lenny Deshayes 434 60 M 19:57 +2:29
10 Zachary Wright 843 20 M 20:11 +2:43

Top 10 Women

Place Name Bib Age Sex Time Diff
1 Lily McKown 594 17 F 21:29 +0:00
2 Lisa Waskey 902 36 F 21:35 +0:06
3 Havila Brisbois 403 34 F 21:53 +0:24
4 Katrina Witschen 743 40 F 22:35 +1:06
5 Natalie Potts 647 20 F 22:37 +1:08
6 Courtney Hagen 839 30 F 22:53 +1:24
7 Kristin Skog 692 15 F 22:58 +1:29
8 Christi Christian 420 38 F 23:05 +1:36
9 Maddy Jo Christian 421 11 F 23:05 +1:36
10 Cassie Kociemba 536 27 F 23:31 +2:02


10 K Leader Board

Top 10 Men

Place Name Bib Age Sex Time Diff
1 Neil Albaras 833 26 M 37:58 +0:00
2 Michael Mohs 615 39 M 40:06 +2:09
3 Nate Anderson 856 28 M 40:56 +2:59
4 Nick Segale 683 31 M 41:19 +3:22
5 Chris Sebald 844 50 M 42:57 +5:00
6 Chad Bjugan 387 42 M 43:14 +5:17
7 Grant Lejonvarn 566 53 M 43:17 +5:20
8 Ed Shetka 688 37 M 44:20 +6:23
9 Austin Dodge 436 21 M 44:40 +6:43
10 Mark Larsen 560 46 M 46:01 +8:04

Top 10 Women

Place Name Bib Age Sex Time Diff
1 Laura Roach 832 27 F 41:10 +0:00
2 Molly Potts 646 23 F 44:37 +3:27
3 Kelly Doering 439 46 F 48:42 +7:33
4 Rachel Lukowski 574 21 F 49:06 +7:56
5 Emily Clysdale 851 19 F 49:40 +8:30
6 Amy Clysdale 850 19 F 49:40 +8:30
7 Catherine Heyedus 841 18 F 50:11 +9:01
8 Jessica Kiecker 533 31 F 50:18 +9:08
9 Madeline Lydon 576 22 F 50:40 +9:31
10 Sarah Arends 859 27 F 51:15 +10:05




Grandpa’s Run for the Walleye 2015

**NEW FOR 2015**

Looking for a bigger challenge? Grandpa’s Run for the Walleye now features a certified 10K course — and of course the traditional 5K course.

Participants will have the option of selecting either a short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt! This option is available to those who pre-register only. Pre-registration ends on June 30th!


Join the 18th annual community-wide effort to restore the Whitefish Area’s Walleye population. Established in memory of Grandpa Boots Buthman, this Crosslake tradition offers events for all ages and abilities.  Run, walk or dash for the fun and for the fish!

The run provides all participants with professional chip timing and results on a certified race course. For race results go to Pickle Events.


Friday, July 3rd:

– 4:00 – 6:00pm: Early Packet Pick Up at the Community Center. Registration will also be available at this time.

Saturday, July 4th:
– 7:00am – 8:15am: Race Day Registration
8:15am: 10K Race
8:30am: 5k Race

– 9:30am: Kids Sunfish Dash



Family 5K

Easy 5k Run/Walk or 10k Run along a flat scenic route through beautiful Crosslake. Water stop and post-race refreshments available at the Crosslake Community Center.
Kids Sunfish Dash

Kid-friendly, age-appropriate course at the Crosslake Community Center for ages: 0-2, 3-4, 5-7, and 8-10.




5K Run/Walk and 10K Run
Before June 22nd – $25 each
June 22nd thru race day – $30 each

Kids Sunfish Dash
Thru race day – $5 each


T-shirts for all entrants who pre-register and for race day registrants while supplies last. Awards to top runners in each age group plus a raffle drawing for all entrants. Winner’s ribbons and a prize for all Sunfish Dash finishers.


5K Run/Walk

10K Run

DATE:  Saturday July 4th, 2015 at Crosslake Community Center

Breaking News    A new 10K. in addition to the usual 5K.                 Both will be chip timed and both courses will be certified by the USATF Association.

Our race shirts will be also be new and improved. The shirts will be a lightweight cotton/poly blend material with the option of selecting either a short-sleeved or a long-sleeved shirt with your paid registration.

Map of the certified 5K course  CLICK HERE

Map of the certified 10K course CLICK HERE







2014 Race already held—a peek back at last year!

An annual event to raise money for walleye habitat. Always held close to the 4th of July. A fun event for the entire family

Sponsored by Whitefish Area Property Owners Association and Lakeside Lawn and Landscape

 having fun — photos below

2014 Run for the Walleye Results   CLICK HERE

2014 Grandpa’s Run for the Walleye

Cross Lake , MN

distance 5.0 KILOMETERS

Top 10 Men

Place Name Bib Age Sex Time Diff
1 Jacob Olsen 578 22 M 16:13 +0:00
2 Brian Gooley 451 22 M 16:47 +0:34
3 Luke Lahr 795 17 M 17:55 +1:42
4 Brian Peterson 586 33 M 18:47 +2:34
5 Colin Smith 681 27 M 18:51 +2:39
6 Zach Wright 843 19 M 18:58 +2:45
7 Mark Gooley 452 19 M 19:12 +2:59
8 Matt Ergen 423 15 M 19:31 +3:18
9 Matt Zak 854 41 M 19:43 +3:30
10 Eugenio Chavez 689 15 M 19:45 +3:32

Top 10 Women

Place Name Bib Age Sex Time Diff
1 Summer Renkemper 714 37 F 21:13 +0:00
2 Ellie Emerick 782 14 F 21:18 +0:05
3 Jenny Walz 764 18 F 21:34 +0:22
4 Annalise Davis 399 13 F 21:51 +0:39
5 Julie Berg 765 42 F 21:53 +0:40
6 Shelby White 800 20 F 22:59 +1:46
7 Natalie Huckle 486 21 F 23:01 +1:49
8 Hannah Riggs 720 24 F 23:02 +1:50
9 Nikki Raths 863 34 F 23:05 +1:53
10 Laura Smith 682 24 F 23:36 +2:24

 Over 500 runners (including Kids Sunfish Dash sprinters) participated in the annual Grandpa’s Run for the Walleye 5K Fun Run at the Crosslake Community Center on Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kids lined up for one heat of Sunfish Dash

A Sunfish Dash heat

This fun run has become a tradition for many families. Families are making this event a regular part of their July 4th weekend celebration.



Competitive runners lead the start followed by fun-loving but less competitive people of all ages.   The walkers have just as much fun as the runners.

The race utilized electronic chip timing of the 5K racers. This technology allows race results to be available soon after the race finishes.

In the men’s division Jacob Olsen took first place. In second place was Brian Gooley of Brooklyn Park. Third was 17 year-old Luke Lahr.

In the women’s division 37 year old Summer Renkemper finished first. She was followed by 14 year-old Ellie Emerick, and in third place was 18 year-old Jenny Walz.

Grandpa’s Run for the Walleye was started in 1977 by the Bedwell family in memory of their grandfather, Boots Buthman. The event supports the Boots Buthman Memorial Walleye Project in support of walleye habitat restoration.


WAPOA President Dave Fischer said, “What a great turnout and great day. Thank you to everyone who helped out.” 


WAPOA President Dave Fischer at awards ceremonyWAPOA President Dave Fischer as he conducts the Awards Ceremony at the end.Men's first to finish Justin Grenewald, as he crosses the finish line in prior year’s 2013 race.
Womens fastest runner Jennnifer Walz, 17, first woman to finish, in 2013, checking her time at the finish line.
Womens winnners l-r, #2 Heather,  #1 Jennifer,   #3 Abigail in 2013
Mens winnersl-r,   #1 Justin,  #2 Brian,  #3 Jacob – not pictured in 2013
early in run —-early in the run……




sunfish dash

Kids dash



Clayton takes an early leadClayton takes an early lead on his way to a new course record.  Runners and walkers of all ages–from 7 to 74 years old.
uphill Up the hill
First runner across finish line in 5K race Clayton Foster is the first runner across the 5K finish line, setting a new course record in prior year.
First and second place runners 1st place finisher, Clayton Foster, right and 2nd place finisher Brian Gooley, left in prior year.
First woman across finish line
Julie Berg ,first woman across the finish line, checks her watch for her time.






Second woman to cross finish line






Selby White is the second woman across the finish line.