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At Minnesota Waters we engage people in protecting the lakes and rivers that define life in Minnesota. We work to address the issues thousands of you have told us are critical to our state’s future, including advocating for funding to control and eradicate AIS and working to reduce water pollution across Minnesota.

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NameCountyHosted by MN Waters
Ada Lake AssociationCass
Adney LakeCrow Wing
Aerie Lake AssociationRamsey
Agate Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Albert Lea Lakes Restoration AssociationFreeborn
Amelia/Villard/Levin Lakes AssociationPope
Ann Lake Sportsmans ClubKanabec
Area Partnership for Pierson Lake EnhancementCarver
Association of Cass County LakesCass
Association of Medicine Lake Area Citizens (AMLAC)Hennepin
Association of Mink and SomersWright
Avon Area Lakes AssociationStearns
Baby, Kerr, Kid, Lost, Man, and McKeown Lakes AssociationCass
Bad Axe Lake AssociationHubbard
Bad Medicine Lake Area AssociationBecker
Barnum Lake AssociationCass
Bass Lake Association of Wright CountyWright
Bass Lake Owners AssociationItasca
Bay Lake Improvement Association
Becker County Coalition of Lake AssociationsBecker
Beebe Lake AssociationWright
Beltrami County Lakes and Rivers Association (BCLARA)Beltrami
Big Birch Lake AssociationTodd
Big Cormorant Lake AssociationBecker
Big Deep Lake Property Owners AssociationCass
Big Fish Lake AssociationStearns
Big Fork River BoardItasca
Big Kandiyohi Lake AssociationKandiyohi
Big Lake Aquatic AssociationStearns
Big Lakes Community Lakes AssociationCarlton
Big Mantrap Lake AssociationHubbard
Big Marine Lake AssociationWashington
Big McDonald Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Big McDonald Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Big Pine Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Big Pine Lakes AssociationAitkinHosted
Big Sand Lake AssociationHubbard
Big Sandy Lake AssociationAitkin
Big Sauk Lake AssociationStearns
Big Sugar Bush Lake AssociationBecker
Big Swan Lake Improvement AssociationMeeker
Big Swan Lake Improvement Association of Todd County, MNTodd
Big Watab Lake AssociationStearns
Bijou Lake AssociationBecker
Birch Lake Area AssociationRamsey
Birch Lake AssociationCass
Birch Lake Improvement DistrictRamsey
Blackwater Lake Association, Inc.CassHosted
Blue Lake AssociationIsanti
Blueberry Lake AssociationWadena
Bone Lake AssociationWashington
Bonnie Lake Property Owners AssociationCrow Wing
Boot Lake AssociationBeckerHosted
Borden Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Boulder Lake AssociationHubbard
Brainerd Lakes ChamberCrow Wing
Briggs Lake Chain AssociationSherburne
Buck Lake Improvement ClubItasca
Buffalo Red River Watershed DistrictClay
Buffalo, Rice and Rock Lakes AssociationBeckerHosted
Burntside Lake Property Owners AssociationSt. Louis
Camp 400 AssociationCrow Wing
Camp Lake AssociationWright
Caribou Lake Property Owners AssociationCookHosted
Carnelian Lake AssociationStearns
Cedar Lake ConservancyAitkin
Cedar Lake Conservation ClubWright
Cedar Lake Improvement DistrictScott
Center Lakes AssociationChisago
Chain Of Lakes AssociationWright
Child, Girl, Woman, Lake Property Owners AssociationCass
Chisago/Lindstrom Lake AssociationChisago
Christmas Lake AssociationHennepin
Citizens for Big Stone LakeBig Stone
Citizens for the Minnehaha Creek CorridorHennepin
City of EaganDakota
Clamshell Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Clamshell Lake Property Owners AssociationCrow Wing
Clark Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Clark Lake Conservation AssociationCrow Wing
Clear Lake AssociationAitkin
Clear Lake Property Owners Inc.Meeker
Clearwater Lake Area AssociationBeltramiHosted
Clitherall Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Clough LakeCrow Wing
Cokato Lake AssociationWright
Collinwood Lake AssociationMeeker
Collinwood Lake Community AssociationWright
Comfort Lake AssociationChisago
Cook County Coalition of Lake AssociationsCook
Coon Lake Improvement AssociationAnoka
Cormorant Watershed AssociationBecker
Cotton Lake AssociationBecker
Crooked Lake Chain (Portage, Crooked, Hanks) Improvement AssociationCrow Wing
Cross Lake Association of Pine CountyPineHosted
Crow Wing Lake and Rivers AllianceCrow Wing
Crow Wing Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Cullen Lakes AssociationCrow Wing
Dam Lake AssociationAitkin
Dead Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Deer Lake AssociationItasca
Deer Lake Watershed AssociationItasca
Devils – Little Chippewa Lakes AssociationDouglas
Diamond Lake Area Recreation AssociationKandiyohi
Douglas County Lakes AssociationDouglas
Dutch Lake AssociationHennepin
Eagle Lake AssociationKandiyohi
Eagle Lake Lakeshore AssociationOtter TailHosted
Eagles Nest Lake AssociationSt. Louis
East Twin Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Edna/Fawn Lakes AssociationCrow Wing
Edward Lake Area Association of HomeownersHennepin
Elbow, Juggler, Little Bemidji Lakes AssociationBecker
Elm Island Lake AssociationAitkin
Emily Lakes and River AssociationCrow Wing
Eunice Lake AssociationBecker
Fairmont Lakes FoundationMartin
Farm Island Lake Improvement AssociationAitkin
Fifty Lakes Property Owners AssociationCrow WingHosted
Fish Hook Lake and River AssociationHubbard
Fish Lake AssociationScott
Fish Lake Improvement AssociationKanabec
Fishtrap Lake Property Owners AssociationMorrison
FLARA – Fish Lake Area Residents AssociationHennepin
Fleming Lake AssociationAitkin
Floodwood/Long Lake Area AssociationSt. Louis
Floyd Shores AssociationBecker
Flute Reed PartnershipCook
Fool LakeCrow Wing
Foot Lake AssociationKandiyohi
Forest Lake AssociationWashington
Foster Lake AssociationWright
Fox Lake AssociationMartin
Fox Lake LIDMartin
Freeborn Lake AssociationDouglas
Friends of Bass LakeHennepin
Friends of Cloquet Valley State ForestSt. Louis
Friends of Diamond LakeHennepin
Friends of Lake BavariaCarver
Friends of Lower Hay LakeCrow Wing
Friends of Ripple LakeAitkin
Friends of Roger LakeCrow Wing
Friends of the Sauk RiverStearns
Friends of the Sunrise RiverChisago
Friends of Two Rivers LakeStearns
George Lake AssociationKandiyohi
Gilbert Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Gleason Lake Improvement AssociationHennepin
Goodhue LakeGoodhue
Goose Lake AssociationWashington
Gorman Lake AssociationLe Sueur
Grand Lake Area AssociationStearns
Granite Lake Watershed AssociationWrightHosted
Greater Jefferson-German Lakes AssociationLe Sueur
Greater Lake Sylvia AssociationWright
Greater Pokegama Lake AssociationItasca
Green Lake AssociationChisago
Green Lake Improvement DistrictIsanti
Green Lake Property Owners AssociationKandiyohi
Green Prairie Fish Lake Landowners AssociationMorrison
Gull Chain of Lakes AssociationCass
Gun Lake AssociationAitkin
Hamlet Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Hammal Lake AssociationAitkin
Hanging Horn Lakeshore Management AssociationCarlton
Hardy Lake AssociationCass
Height of Land Lake AssociationBecker
High Island Lake AssociationMcLeod
Hinds Lake AssociationDakota
Horseshoe Lake POACrow Wing
Howard Lake Watershed AllianceWright
Hubbard County Coalition of Lake AssociationsHubbard
Hungry Jack Lake AssociationCook
Ida Lake AssociationDouglas
Island Lake Area AssociationItasca
Itasca County Coalition of Lake AssociationsItasca
Jennie Lake Improvement AssociationMeeker
Jessie Lake Watershed AssociationItascaHosted
Kabekona Lake AssociationHubbard
Kabetogama Lake AssociationSt. Louis
Kandiyohi County Lakes AssociationKandiyohi
Kimble Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Kimble Lake Homeowners AssociationCrow Wing
Kings Lake Association IncStearns
Knife Lake LIDKanabec
Knife Lake Sportsmens ClubKanabec
Koronis Lake AssociationStearns
Kraemer Lake AssociationStearns
Lake Alexander Lake Improvement DistrictMorrison
Lake Alexander Property Owners AssociationMorrisonHosted
Lake Andrew AssociationDouglas
Lake Andrew Improvement AssociationKandiyohi
Lake Andrusia AssociationBeltrami
Lake Beauty AssociationToddHosted
Lake Benton Lake Improvement AssociationLincoln
Lake Byllesby AssociationDakota
Lake Calhoun Area AssociationKandiyohi
Lake Carlos Area AssociationDouglas
Lake Crookneck Improvement AssociationMorrison
Lake Darling Area AssociationDouglas
Lake Detroiters AssociationBecker
Lake Edward Conservation ClubCrow Wing
Lake Elysian Watershed AssociationWaseca
Lake Florida Improvement AssociationKandiyohi
Lake Frances AssociationLe Sueur
Lake Francis Area Recreation and Conservation ClubMeeker
Lake Geneva Area AssociationDouglas
Lake George Conservation ClubAnoka
Lake George LIDAnoka
Lake Gilfillan Watershed AssociationRamsey
Lake Hallett AssociationNicollet
Lake Hattie AssociationCass
Lake Henry AssnWright
Lake Hubert Conservation AssociationCrow Wing
Lake Independence Citizens AssociationHennepin
Lake John AssociationWright
Lake Josephine Improvement AssociationRamsey
Lake L’Homme Dieu Association, Inc.Douglas
Lake Latimer AssociationTodd
Lake Latoka POADouglas
Lake Lida POAOtter Tail
Lake Maud AssociationBecker
Lake Mille Lacs AssociationAitkin
Lake Miltona AssociationDouglas
Lake Minnetonka AssociationHennepin
Lake Minnewawa AssociationAitkin
Lake Minnie Belle Improvement Association (LMBIA)Meeker
Lake Nelson Property Owners AssociationCrow Wing
Lake Okabena Improvement AssociationNobles
Lake Orono Improvement AssociationSherburne
Lake Osakis AssociationTodd
Lake Pirz AssociationStearns
Lake Sarah Improvement AssociationHennepin
Lake Seven (Scalp) Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Lake Shamineau AssociationMorrisonHosted
Lake Shaokatan Lakeshore AssociationLincoln
Lake Stella Homeowners AssociationMeeker
Lake Success AssociationHennepin
Lake Sullivan AssociationMorrison
Lake Vermont Lake AssociationDouglas
Lake Volney AssociationLe SueurHosted
Lake Washburn AssociationCass
Lake Washington Improvement AssociationLe Sueur
Lake Zumbro Improvement AssociationOlmstedHosted
Larson-Nelson-Rossman Lake AssociationBecker
Leaf Lakes Area AssociationOtter Tail
Leech Lake Area Watershed FoundationCass
Leech Lake AssociationCass
Lewis Lake AssociationKanabec
Linden Hills Environmental CommitteeHennepin
Little Birch Lake Improvement AssociationStearns
Little Cormorant Lake AssociationBecker
Little Elk Lake Improvement AssociationSherburne
Little Lake Hubert AssociationCrow Wing
Little McDonald, Kerbs and Paul Lake Improvement DistrictOtter Tail
Little Rock Lake AssociationBenton
Little Sand Lake AssociationHubbard
Little Toad Lake AssociationBecker
Little Whitefish LIDCrow Wing
Lobster Lake AssociationDouglas
Locke Lake AssociationWright
Lone Lake Property Owners AssociationAitkin
Long and Crooked Lakes AssociationStearns
Long Lake AssociationAitkin
Long Lake AssociationIsanti
Long Lake AssociationBeltrami
Long Lake Betterment AssociationBecker
Long Lake Improvement AssociationIsanti
Long Lake Improvement DistrictIsanti
Long Lake Property Owners AssociationCass
Long Lake Waters AssociationHennepin
Long Lost Lake AssociationClearwaterHosted
Loon Lake AssociationOtter TailHosted
Loon Lake Property Owners AssociationCass
Lotus Lake Conservation AllianceCarver
Lougee Lake Property Owners AssociationCrow Wing
Lower MN River Watershed DistrictCarver
Lower South Long Lake Improvement AssociationCrow Wing
Madison Lake AssociationBlue Earth
Manuella Lake AssociationMeeker
Maple Lake Improvement DistrictPolk
Marion Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Mayo Lake AssociationCrow Wing
McKusick Lake Water AssociationWashington
Meadow Lake Watershed AssociationHennepin
Medicine Lake Area Citizens AssociationHennepin
Medina Area ResidentsHennepin
Meeker County Association of LakesMeeker
Melissa-Sallie Lake AssociationBecker
Middle Fork Crow River Watershed DistrictKandiyohi
Miller Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Mink and Somers Lake Improvement DistrictWright
Minnetoga Lake and Wetlands AssociationHennepin
Minnewashta Preservation AssociationCarver
Mission Lakes AssociationCrow Wing
Mitchell Lake AssociationHennepin
Mooney Lake AssociationHennepin
Mound Lake AssociationTodd
Mud Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Mule Lake Property Owners AssociationCass
Nest Lake Improvement AssociationKandiyohi
Net Lake AssociationCarlton
Nord Lake AssociationAitkin
North Browns Lake AssociationMeeker
North Long Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Norway Lake AssociationCass
Norway/Games Lake AssociationKandiyohi
O’Dowd Lake Chain AssociationScott
Oneka Watershed AssociationWashington
Orr-Pelican Lake AssociationSt. Louis
Osage Environmental AssociationBecker
Osakis Lake AssociationDouglas
Otter Tail County COLA
Otter Tail County Pine Lakes Improvement DistrictOtter Tail
Otter Tail Lakes POAOtter Tail
Palmer Lake AssociationHubbard
Pearl Lake AssociationBecker
Pelican Lake Association of St. AnnaStearns
Pelican Lake POAOtter Tail
Pelican Lake POAGrant
Pelican Lake Property Owners AssociationCrow Wing
Pelican Lake Property Owners AssociationCrow Wing
Pelican Lakes AssociationCrow Wing
Penn Lake Watershed District AssociationHennepin
Pickerel Lake AssociationBecker
Pine Island Lake Association of Turtle Creek TownshipTodd
Pine Lakes Improvement DistrictOtter Tail
Pine Mountain Lake AssociationCass
Pine-Cedar Lake AssociationMorrison
Placid Lake Area AssociationCrow Wing
Platte Lake POADakota
Pokegama Lake Association of Pine CountyPineHosted
Pomme De Terre Lake AssociationGrant
Ponto Lake Homeowner AssociationCass
Pope County Coalition of Lakes AssociationPope
Portage Chain AssociationCass
Portage/Crooked LakeCrow Wing
Potato Lake AssociationHubbard
Prairie Lake Improvement AssociationSt. Louis
Prior Lake AssociationScott
Pulaski Lake LIDWright
Rabbit Lake AssociationAitkin
Rabbit/Carlson/Clinker/Cuyuan Lakeshore Owners AssociationCrow WingHosted
Red Sand Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Remer Area Lakes AssociationCass
Reno LakeCrow Wing
Rice County COLARice
Rice Lake Area AssociationHennepin
Rice Lake AssociationStearns
River KeepersClay
Roosevelt and Lawrence Area Lakes Association (RALALA)Cass
Ross-Stark-Twin Lakes AssociationCrow Wing
Round Lake Improvement AssociationCrow Wing
Round-Ice Cracking Lake AssociationBecker
Roy Lake AssociationSherburne
Rush Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Rush Lake Improvement AssociationChisago
Ruth Lake Improvement AssociationCrow Wing
Sand Hill River Watershed DistrictPolk
Sand Lake AssociationSt. Louis
Sand Lake Association of Woodrow TownshipCass
Sand Lake Property Owners AssociationItasca
Sauk River Chain of Lakes AssociationStearns
Saunders Lake South Homeowners AssociationHennepin
Schutz Lake AssociationHennepin
Serpent Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Shallow-Sand Lake AssociationItasca
Shirt Lake Area Property OwnersCrow Wing
Sibley Lake AssociationCrow WingHosted
Silver Lake AssociationAnoka
Siseebakwet Lake AssociationItasca
Skogman Lake AssociationIsanti
Smith Holt Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Snake River GroupAitkin
Sorenson Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Spectacle Lake AssociationIsanti
Spider Lake AssociationHubbard
Spirit Lake AssociationWadena
Sportsmens Club of Lake VermillionSt. Louis
Spring Lake AssociationScott
Star Lake Area Property Owners AssociationCrow Wing
Steve Lake AssociationHennepin
Stony Lake AssociationCass
Strawberry Lake AssociationBecker
Sugar Lake AssociationWright
Suomi Area AssociationItasca
Swan Lake Association of Otter TailOtter Tail
Sweeney Lake AssociationHennepin
Sybil Lake AssociationOtter Tail
Tamarac Lake Association
Ten Mile Lake AssociationCass
The Martin LakersAnoka
Three Island Lake AssociationItasca
Three Lakes AssociationSt. Louis
Thunder Lake AssociationCass
Toad Lake AssociationBecker
Todd/Stearns County COLATodd
Tri-County COLAScott
Trillium Lake AssociationCass
Trout Lake AssociationItasca
Trowbridge Leek Lake Association
Turtle Lake AssociationItasca
Turtle Lake Improvement AssociationBecker
Twin Lakes AssociationCarver
Twin Lakes AssociationWadena
Two Inlets Lake AssociationBecker
Upper Cormorant Lake AssociationBecker
Upper Hay Lake AssociationCrow WingHosted
Upper Prairie River Lakes AssociationItasca
Upper South Long Lake Improvement AssociationCrow Wing
Upper Spunk Lake AssociationStearns
Van Duse Lake AssociationAitkin
Velvet Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Vermilion Lake Association
Wabana Chain of Lakes AssociationItasca
Wabedo-Little-Boy-Cooper Lakes AssociationCass
Waseka Lake AssociationWaseca
Washington Lake Improvement AssociationMeeker
Waterville Lakes AssociationLe SueurHosted
Weaver Lake Conservation AssociationHennepin
West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association
West Twin Lake HOACrow Wing
White Bear Lake Conservation DistrictRamsey
White Iron Chain of Lakes AssociationLake
White Sand Lake AssociationCrow Wing
Whitefish Area Property Owners Association
Wilkins Lake AssociationAitkin
Windemere Township Lakes AssociationPine

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