Picnic Photos 2010

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BPLA ANNUAL PICNIC held July 17, 2010 at the  Bergman’s on North Big Pine Lake

BPLA members John & Susie Bergman kindly hosted the 2010 picnic with a new theme; PIG ROAST.  The Bergman’s and their friends/neighbors Chris Exley, Dan Nelson, Al Thiboldeaux, and Pat Barnes set the bar higher for future BPLA picnics. They roasted a 180 lb pig, cooked many dozen ears of fresh corn, and served warm fresh food. The pork was fabulous!!!!  The Bergman’s had food served inside with many tables & chairs for eating there also. There was plenty of space outside to eat as well.  BPLA members brought more than enough salads (greens, fruit & noodle), veggies, baked beans (of course) and yummy deserts to complete the meal.

BPLA gave fun gift bags to all the kids. Kellie and Mike Bergman had their trampoline setup outside and skate ramps for the children to enjoy.

Weather at 11:00 AM was hot & sunny but the clouds moved in and light rain commenced by 1:45.  By that time  everyone was full and on their way home!  Fun time had by all!

Al,Chris & John . . . .



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