Boat Parade 2013

Preserve and enhance the quality of our lakes!


BPLA BOAT PARADE held July 4, 2013 on north and south lakes


Each year on July 4th, the Big Pine Lakes Association sponsors a boat parade on each lake – Pine and Big Pine Lake.

The object is to decorate your boat with some theme, gather a group of family/friends, meet at the registration dock on each lake, get in line with your fellow boat participants, cruise the lake waving and greeting the people of your lake having lots of fun, and end at the registration dock for a possible shot of winning first ($50) or second ($25) place.

The 2013 4th boat parade was a beautiful summer day with lots of sunshine and gentle breezes. Both lakes had a small armada that made the lake loop with with lots of creative and crazy boat decoration (and some slightly crazy people and fun people.

The winners are . . . .
North Lake (Big Pine Lake)
1st Place – Big Pine Lake Fire and Rescue – the Muellers family
2nd Place – Up North – the Reimer family
South Lake (Pine Lake)
1st Place – Minnesota Twins – the Meiers family
2nd Place – Minnesota Twins – the Stevensons family

Thank you to all who participated in the parade and for all those who cheered from their docks. Thanks the the Hemmings, Bjerkes, Holloways, and Drakes for organizing and judging.


Remember, entering next year’s boat parade means having lots of fun and a chance at “prize money!”