Boat Parade 2015 North Lake

BPLA Boat Parade 2015 – North Lake

We had another great turn out for the BPLA boat parade on the North Lake.

  1. The Loony Tune – Karel Family
  2. Come On I Wanna Lei Ya – Hall Family
  3. Little Big Town – Nie Family
  4. Team Captain America 2X (World War Champion) – Lee Family
  5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Grover Family
  6. Wild Wild West – Shinkoeth Family
  7. Luau Party – Robins Family
  8. The Zoo Keeper – Mueller Family
  9. Frozen – Schmit Family
  10. County Jail – Lesher Family
  11. Candy Land – Zack Family
  12. Super Heroes – Reid Family
  13. Fish Of July – Droubie Family
  14. Pine Roost Patriots – Luedtke Family


Thank you for participating in the parade and also for the outstanding creativity this year.   Several parade participants mentioned that the support and cheering from shore and from other boats on the lake really made the event a lot of fun for them too.  Thank you also to the Bjerke, Drake and Moore Families for helping to judge and select our winners for 2015:


First Place – Candy Land – The Zack Family


Second Place – The Zoo Keeper – The Mueller Family


Honorable mention:  County Jail and The Loony Tune.


Congratulations and thank you again to our first and second place winners but also for everyone for helping to make this BPLA tradition a lot of fun.  See you next year!