Boat Parade 2018 North Lake

We always enjoy the boat parade and 4th of July festivities on the Big Pine Lakes and 2018 is no exception.  The creativity and enthusiasm of the boats and crews was great.    Congratulations to the winners:

First Place – Mueller Family –Big Pine Lake BooFest

Second Place – Erickson and Moskalik Families – Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Third Place – Corvo Family – The Loonies


The  winning boat was covered in Halloween posters and colors, spiders and pumpkin lights, with the theme from Ghost Busters completing the presentation.  Everyone on board was dressed in costumes including the Green Giant and Sprout, a Clown, a Hawaiian Cowboy and a very scary Shark-dog.






The second place boat Rub-A-Dub-Dub  had white bubbles spilling over the sides and a shower head with water streamers.  The bathing beauties adorned in towels and shower caps were blowing bubbles and singing Rubber Duckie all the way around the lake.





The third place boat The Loonies was hard to miss.  You could see the giant loon from across the lake.



I heard from the participant boats that there were many neighbors who enjoyed the parade from shore.    They also mentioned a bunch of people engaged in a very competitive volleyball game at the NE end of the North lake who stopped their game to cheer and ring a cowbell for the parade boats.   Thank you to everyone for showing your support and encouragement to make our BPLA parade tradition fun.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for your time and effort to plan and decorate your boats.  Thank you also to our North Lake parade judges for 2018: The Bjerke, Holloway and Drake families.