Boat Parade Photos 2010

Preserve and enhance the quality of our lakes!

BPLA BOAT PARADE held July 3, 2010 on north and south lakes

Thank you to all BPLA members and their guests who participated in the 2010 boat parade.  BPLA had a total of 19 boats and 1 car in the parade . . .  yes, an aqua-car in the 2010 parade!

In addition, thank you to all BPLA members helping with parade registration and judging (Paul Haefner, George Niece, Rich Helms, the Holloway family, the Hermes family, the Drake family) and to all who cheered for your favorite boats from shore.

Congratulations winners!

Big Pine Lake – North Big Pine Lake Participants & WINNERS:

FIRST PLACE         Luau , BPLA Members John & Denise Mueller

SECOND PLACE    Road Construction..Gotta Go To the Lake, Dave and Arleen Nietz BPLA Members

Honorable Mention    Twins Territory, Robert & Gloria Lesher BPLA Members

Other Participants –

Bobbin Along, BPLA Members

Dancing Ladies, BPLA Members

dingy, BPLA Members

flags, BPLA Members

RWB, BPLA Members

Straw hats, BPLA Members

Pine Lake – South Big Pine Lake Participants & WINNERS:

FIRST PLACE         Pirates, BPLA Members Rick & Mary Meier

SECOND PLACE    Hawii Five-O, BPLA Members Elaine & Howard Vargason

Honorable Mention – Mermaid, BPLA Members Ron & Paula Dexter

Other Participants –

Happy 4th, BPLA Members Gary & Mary Jo Kneissel                                                                         

July 4th Pontoon, BPLA Members Dan & Daniela Murphy

Back to the 50’s with Aqua Car, BPLA Members Don & Kathy Fornell

Under the Sea, BPLA Members Scott, Pat & Patrick Schweitz, Jennifer & Ben Bruno, and Jeanine & Mark Kort


. . . . . Wrong turn into South Big Pine Lake ???

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