Boat Parade 2018 South Lake

Due to the positioning of the July 4 holiday, the annual Pine Lake boat parade was held on Saturday, June 30.  There were a total of eight parade participants on the South Pine Lake.  All participants were highly enthusiastic, creative and somewhat unique in their designs.  I will list them in the parade order:

Boat #1 – USA theme – The Beardsley Family

Great colors and patriotic theme!!






Boat #2 – Ice Cream Truck – The Beane Family

Highly enthusiastic group and even served real Treats!

First Prize Award Winner!





Boat #3 – USA theme – The Beehl Family

God Bless America!  





Boat # 4 – Ghostbusters – The Plasek Family

High level of enthusiasm and great theme!

2nd Place Award Winner!!





Boat # 5 – USA – the O’Neill Family

A reoccurring theme we never tire of!!







Boat #6 – Pine Lake Fire Truck – Onischuk Family

3rd Place Award Winner!





Boat # 7 – A Hula Party –  The Kropp Family

Quite a rowdy Bunch of Coconuts!     





Boat #8 – The Loon Pontoon – The Meier Family

Evidently, the loon nesting project stimulated

some interest in out loons.  We had this theme

on both lakes this year.





Thanks to all parade participants in making it a great parade.  And thanks to all the shoreline supporters!