Event Photos 2011

Click Here for pictures of the installation of the Kiosk at the Narrows.

Click Here for a photo of the Atkin County Sheriff making a stop on the lake during a busy weekend.

Click Here for a photo of Mark Andersen checking out info at Interpetive site.

Click Here for a photo of Ethan and Makayla ( Grandchildren of Don and Kathy Schessler ) also Ava ( Granddaughter of Gary and Betsy Larson) on the left helping install Blue Bird houses.

Click Here for a photo of Road Cleanup May 2011

Click for photos from the 4th of July 2011 Boat Parade:

South Lake Parade Entries

South Pine Lake Boat Parade 2011
What a great turn out! The South Lake had eight entry’s in the contest to be judged this year; we had the kids from the West Side of the lake vote for the winners. Everyone on the lake always enjoys the boat parade. There was a tremendous amount of work put into the boats that participated, and a lot of creativity. Thanks to all that decorated their boats, your enthusiasm gives us all great pleasure. It was hard for the children to determine the winning boats, as they were all so much fun to look at. The top three boats were from the Karel family (Beautiful Day at the Lake theme), the Schwietz family (Big Pine Lakes Fire Patrol) the dog dressed up too! Also the Fornell family with the (Road Crew) theme! “The Jared”, a Subway theme boat was made up of two pontoons put together by (two families) Schuster’s and Schmidt’s. The Dexter’s also participated with Ron as Uncle Sam in a very festive display. The Taylor’s, Vitali’s and the Tietz families had their boats decked out with 4th of July themes. We had such a beautiful weekend and thanks to all again to make our 4th of July Celebrations even brighter.
– Boat1 Boat 2  Boat 3  Boat 4  Boat 5  Boat 6  Boat 7

North Lake Parade Entries

North Big Pine Lake had 13 total boats in the Parade.

First Place – The Nietz’s.  Boat theme:  Grillin’ At the Lake

Second Place – The Makela’s .  Boat theme:  Paris

Spirit of America – Pine Roost

Merry 4th of July – Jensens

#1 Twins Fans – Washenbergers

Skol Vikings – Olsteads     (Honorable mention by the judges)

Red, White and Blue – Rollingers

Big Pine Casino – Muellers

United We Stand – Berkels

Rodeo – Schinkochs

Zach Attack – Zachs