Event Photos 2012


Thanks to our lake friends who participated in the 2012 BPLA Boat Parade this year.

We had 3 boats enter the competition on the North Lake.

Congratulations to:

North Lake

The Muellers won $50.00 for first place with their Pirate ship theme. Their boat was complete with cannons that fired and billowed smoke, a parrot, and Captain Morgan watching over the crew.



The Zach’s won $25.00 for second place with a Mardi Gras “float” theme complete with beads being thrown at observers along the shore.

Honorable mention to our 3rd place participants in the Red, White and Blue Pontoon.




South Pine Lake – 4th of July Boat Parade

1st Place:

1st place winner of the South Pine Lake Boat Parade was the Karel Family!

Boat theme was “The Nifty Fifty”, the little girls cut out all fifty states and attached them to construction paper and had them attached to the side of the boat. They sang their hearts out! A cute song about the Nifty fifty States in the USA. Great theme for the fourth of July Celebration.

Unfortunately as they went around the lake some of the states blew away in the wind, the overall effort and their enthusiasm  got them first place! Congratulations!


2nd Place:

The Schwietz Family won second place in the South Lake Boat parade with “Pine Lake Wedding”. The decorations were a preview to the real thing. They were playing beautiful music and the bride and groom were dressed for the wedding, the boat was decorated to the hilt, bells and all, even the dog had a little lace outfit on!


South Pine Lake Boat Parade