Committees, Directors, Officers

Directors, Officers (years on board)

John Mueller, Chair (1), Big Pine Lake, EMAIL

Jim Stevenson, Co-Chair (4), Pine Lake, EMAIL

Jeff Lindgren, Secretary (4), Big Pine Lake, Email

Roger Olson, Treasurer (4), Pine Lake, EMAIL

Dave Schinkoeth, Director (5), Big Pine Lake,EMAIL

Ron Redding, Director (3), Big Pine Lake, EMAIL

Rich Helms, Director (2), Big Pine Lake, EMAIL

Rick Meier, Director (1) Pine Lake, EMAIL

Boat Committee Leaders:

Parade Committee: Lisa Drake and Rick Meier- Chair
Clothing/logowear: Roger Olson
Fireworks: Jim Stevenson
Membership: John Mueller
Merchant Directory: Roger Olson
Newsletter: Rick Meier / John Mueller
Picnic Committee: Ron Redding/Ken and Ardie Johnson
Projects: Ron Redding
Roadway Cleanup: Roger Olson
Water Quality readings: Dwight Benoy EMAIL
Fish Habitat: Dave Schinkoeth
Website manager: Cathy Stevenson – EMAIL

Big PineLakes Association, PO Box 190, Finlayson, MN55735-0190