Membership Info

Big Pine Lakes Association                                                         2020 Membership

PO Box 190

Finlayson, MN  55735-0190


Preserve and enhance the quality of our lakes!


Membership enables the Big Pine Lakes Association (BPLA) to continue efforts to Preserve and Enhance the Quality of our Lakes!  As a BPLA member, you can participate in all events and will receive all of the PINE VIEWS Newsletters.

Each calendar year, individual/family members donate $25 toward the BPLA Annual Membership Fund.  This donation entitles them to proudly display their commitment to BPLA with a participant plaque while enjoying access to all of the BPLA publications and association activities.


Membership forms are mailed with the February edition of the PINE VIEWS Newsletter to past year members.  A second request is usually sent with the May edition of the PINE VIEWS Newsletter to those who have not yet paid/donated in the current year.

Join us in our mission by completing a 2020 Membership form. Click Here for the form. Then, mail the completed form with a check to: Big Pine Lakes Association, PO Box 190, Finlayson, MN  55735.


Upon receipt by BPLA, an acknowledgment receipt will be mailed to you.

Do not hesitate to contact the Membership Chair at with any questions.

                    Thank you for your support and confidence in BPLA!