Buffalo Lake Club House

Written by Bessie (Tyndall) Anderson, published in Centennial Issue 1991


This club house was in Section 6 on the northern shore of Buffalo Lake on the property now owned by Jerry Kilian.  Two of the original four cabins are still standing.

During the years 1890-1930 many came from several states to vacation and fish on Buffalo Lake.  One of the regular visitors was a doctor Kegley of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He owned the property.  There was a large building for boarding the guests.  It was also used for dances.  The cabins could house 25 or more guests.

For some years a Mr. D.W. Whaples worked there as a cook.  Roy Smith, married to Bessie’s Aunt Alice worked there too.  In the early days guests arrived in Richwood by stage coach.  Mr. took them by launch up to the lake to the club house.  Bessie recalls that dynamite was used to stun the fish.  This made for a quick catch when the fish came to the surface.

Supplies were ferried by boat from Richwood to the club house too.  One of the first and perhaps the only court trial was held in the Richwood Store by Bessie’s father Peter Tyndall, Constable.  The case involved a man shooting a neighbor’s dog.

Another time Bessie recalled a bear was seen swimming behind a boat.  Apparently a mother bear was defending her cubs which were discovered later after the bear was shot.  The occupants of the boat made it to shore, one seeking refuge in a barn, the other climbed a tree.

As young girls Bessie and Myrtle Tyndall attended dances held at the club house.  The frozen lake was a regular thoroughfare during the winter.