Fishing Challenge

Fishing can be relaxing or competitive, but it’s always fun. Whatever your style, we think you’ll enjoy the Cedar Lake Conservancy 2020 Fishing Challenge. It’ll be an enjoyable way to get out on our beautiful, clear lake, seeing loons, herons, eagles, turtles and beavers (even otters) and a great way to introduce kids and grandkids to the joys of fishing.

Challenge Highlights:

Catch and Release is our goal. Why? So large, mature fish important to reproduction will be returned to enjoy a productive future for their species and our future fishing! And remember, the largest fish are not always the best “eaters”. Let’s be “catch, photo and release friendly”!

Our CLC Fishing Challenge is meant to be a fun, community-building event, not a winner/loser proposition. Many of the most memorable fish are “mistake fish”. How often do you catch a walleye when fishing for them on Cedar? More likely they’re caught while crappie fishing or casting for bass in the evening. But in the spirit of sharing successes whether purposeful or “mistakes”, the challenge will welcome all entries. Some winners may well be six-year olds fishing with worms off the end of a dock.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Bass, Crappie, Dogfish, Muskie, Northern, Sun Fish and Walleye.

Winners will be measured by length only, not weight. No scales needed—just get that fish back in the water.  Some long, skinny old northern can win over a short “fat belly” that weighs more. That’s life.


  1. Must be caught in Cedar only.
  2. Fish legally, within correct seasons with lawful equipment and licenses.
  3. Hook and line only, no spearing or archery.
  4. Accurately measure the fish.
  5. Photo must show length of whole fish.
  6. Email your photo entries to Lanae Paaverud:  Subject line: CLC Fishing Challenge. Also needed is the following information:
    1. Name of angler and name witness to your catch.
    2. Contact details (email, phone, something so that we can let you know if you win!)
    3. Date fish was caught
    4. Species
    5. Measured length
    6. Photo showing length clearly