Shore Land Lake Stewards

Lake stewards are vital to the water quality of Cedar Lake.  They check the weed beds by sections of shoreline for Eurasian Watermilfoil and Purple Loosestrife.  Searches are done once a year usually between July 19 and August 7.

Using a rake or something to pull up questionable looking plants, stewards count the leaflet pairs to differentiate Eurasian and Northern Watermilfoil (see attachments).  If any suspicious specimens are found, they are placed in a jar or baggie and very carefully noted where collected.  The sample is taken to the DNR office in Aitkin, 1200 Minnesota Avenue South, near the Shopko and Paulbeck’s on Highway 169.

Volunteers/subs are always needed.  Please help keep our waters pristine!

Susan Nielsen
Shore Land Committee Chair

DNR Watermilfoil PDF
MN Dept of Agriculture Purple Loosestrife PDF

2019 Cedar Lake Stewards

  1. *Nelson, Pat and Ron  (Spring and Grape Islands (North)
  2. Klinepier, Kelly and Ron
  3. Priadka, Judy and Nick
  4. Wickman, Marylynn and Terry
  5. *Gielser, LeRoy   (East Bay)
  6.  Braton, Mary
  7.  Priadka, Judy and Nick
  8.  Hippen, Allison and Denny
  9. *Martin, Marty   (Goat Island)
  10.   Mackaman, Dan
  11.  *Strand, David (Isle of View)
  12.  Martin, Les
  13. Bogema, Rebecca and Bruce
  14. Dahleen, Thea and Bob
  15. Schoon, Barb and Herb
  16. Jones, Barb and Stan
  17. Moga, Marly and Bill
  18. Seberg, Steve
  19. Gurr, Tim
  20. Kraft, Katie and Dar Heino
  21. Patterson, Mike
  22. Docken, Kathy and Warren
  23. Rhykus, Heather and Bob
  24. *Woods, Mindy (Hauges Island)
  25. Jameson, Karn and Bob
  26. Newton, Brian


Frank Parisi

*Also searches the island after their name

Lake Sections